Brunch Ideas to Brighten Your Table

Brunch Ideas to Brighten Your Table

Rye and Labneh Toast

Okay, I know that toasts are quite typical for brunches and people eat them often. And on first look you will say that it is something way too simple. But believe me those toast are first of all beautiful and then delicious. If you wanted to upload some food porn on Instagram, this is something that will look perfect.

The ingredients are not as typical for a toast. I mean we eat toast, but make them simple an there are recipes we eat almost every day.

So you will need wholegrain rye bread, labneh, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, some coriander, mixed seeds and a slice of lime.

Slice your bread and first of all spread the labneh. Don’t though put too much because it will make the bread awful. Then add the sliced avocado and tomatoes. Sprinkles some seeds and coriander. And you are done. Photograph your brunch and then enjoy it!

Smoothie Bowl

Something else that is rather popular – the smoothies. It has many varieties. But people usually mix some fruits with milk or yogurt or ice cream, blend them, put them in a cup and drink it or take it to go.

The smoothie I offer you to try is not the most typical one. It is a bowl smoothie – as the name suggests. It is a different way to have a healthy brunch different then just grabbing a smoothie. And it is colorful and very tasty.

You will need some bananas, black currants, blueberries, acai and Greek yogurt (no, you can’t swap it for ice-cream) – this if for the mixture. Then you need muesli – some type you really like, but go for a crunchier type. To make it sweeter you will need some honey. And to decorate – bananas, flax seeds and coconut.

You should just blend all of the fruits. Then spread the mixture into as many bowls as you need to. Add the honey. Then top with the bananas and muesli. Try to make it look beautiful. And then all the rest on top – coconut, chia and flax seeds. And you are done. Enjoy this with your coffee or fresh juice. It is both healthy and delicious.

Baked Eggs

You guessed right. Another time when just a typical recipe is made into something totally new and better. We all know how to make out eggs in the morning. And bacon and eggs – who doesn’t eat that, right?

Trying something new might just be what you needed for the Sunday brunch your friends are coming over for!

For one serving you will need two eggs, butter, some spinach, leeks, char grilled peppers and ricotta. You can also get some greens for decoration and of course for better taste a mixture of black and white pepper. Then the best thing you can add to that is a slice of sourdough bread.

You should get a small skillet. Preheat it and add some butter, so that is melts. Then crack the eggs and cook them for 2-3 minutes. Add the spinach, leeks and peppers. Whisk that mixture. Add salt and pepper to your taste. And cook until the eggs are ready. Put all of that in a plate and top it with the ricotta. This will be one of the best brunches you have ever had!

Coconut Pancakes

We all love pancakes. Although they are not the healthiest thing to eat, they are one of the best things ever. And here we also do have tons of variations. And that is good, because you can never get tired of pancakes.

One of my favorite recipes that looks amazing and also taste unbelievably good is fast and special. It is the coconut pancakes. As a whole I am crazy about coconut. I like it in my food. On my body. In my hair and also in my scent. So you can say that I am obsessed, but how can one not be.

You will need a few things besides coconut and this is for two. For every next person add half as much ingredients and for two just double the dose. So you need four eggs, half cup of almond milk, a half cup of flour, one tbsp baking powder, some salt and some cinnamon. If you are not into cinnamon, just skip it. You can also get some blueberries in order to decorate and add a fresher taste. Also get some shredded coconut to top with and some honey.

You firstly need to mix the eggs, the almond milk, the coconut flour and the baking powder. Whisk those until you get a fully blended mixture. Then add a pinch of salt and cinnamon (if you are adding that). And after that cook you pancakes the way you usually do with whatever pancakes you make. Separate them in plates. Add the blueberries. And then top with the shredded coconut and on top – honey. Enjoy with a fresh juice or even a mimosa, because it goes quite well with pancakes and coconut.

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