Bring Your Old Jeans Back to Life with This Simple Trick

Bring Your Old Jeans Back to Life with This Simple Trick

We all have old clothes that we love so much that we don’t want to throw away. I know it is hard to do it. But you have three options in front of you:

  • The first one is the most difficult one – recycle the clothes if they are not capable of wearing them anymore;

  • The second option is better – donate the clothes if they still can be worn. You can help someone in need this way. That’s why I think this is the better option.

  • And one last option, which is the best, because you can wear your old and favorite clothes all over again – restore them. It sounds confusing, but if you scroll a little bit down you will see the tutorial. I will show you how to restore old jean so they won’t look old anymore.

Ripped jeans are extremely trendy right now and if you rip off your jeans, they will look new and fashionable, not old and out-of-date. All you have to do is to follow these steps. Here they are:

  1. Lay down the jeans and decide on which areas you want them to be ripped. It will be better if they are ripped into horizontal threads.

  2. You will need two graters – one bigger and one smaller. When I say bigger and smaller, I mean the sizes of the holes of the grater. Or you can think of them this way – one for parmesan and one for the peel of a lemon.

  3. First, thinner the fabric with the bigger grater. Then work it with the smaller one.

  4. Then use a knitting needle to define the separate threads.

All done! Now your jeans look perfectly new and trendy. No one will be able to tell the difference and you will be able to wear your old jeans for a very, very long time in the future. Enjoy it!

how to bring your old jeans back to life

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