Black Can Be Summer Color Too
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Black Can Be Summer Color Too

There is an unwritten rule that we have to wear black during the winter and bright color during the summer. Well, I want to wear a yellow coat when it is snowy and black vest when it is shiny. I have noticed that girls don’t obey to trends so passionately as they did before. The new trend is to create your own, personal style, which will be unique and appropriate only for you. So, if you want to wear bright pink winter coat, just wear it. If you need to escape from the bright joy of the summer colors, bet on the black, the classy color. No matter how hot it is outside, you can always wear black, the difference is not so big when it is 95 degrees out there.

So, let me give you some ideas for wearing black this summer:

Let’s start with the top clothes. Imagine this: blue jean short, white no-sleeve blouse and black short sleeve vest. Match the vest with black sneakers or ballerinas. No matter how hot it is outside, it is always wise to have a top layer of clothes to keep you warm when the chilly summer rain falls over you. And I think that the black vest is one stylish decision.

The leather is not the best choice for the hot summer days, but anyway if you decide to wear something leather, let it be black. Nothing looks better than a black leather jacket, especially the motorcycle model with its zippers and pockets. And now, how to match the leather jacket? I’m sure that you have one of those long, chiffon dresses, match the leather jacket with this dress – the brighter, the better.

Add the spotlights on your black flats. Invest some money on genuine leather black flats, they are always a stylish solution when you can’t decide what kind of shoes to put on to match your outfit. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, everything! So, go one and choose the pair you like most.

The blazer is a great option too when you need to darken a little bit your look. It is like the leather jacket, but it won’t keep you as warm as the leather, so you can choose it for the hottest nights. And no, the blazers are not recommended only for office look. You can adjust it to casual look if you match it with the proper pair of skinny jeans and summer leather, ankle boots. But if it is too hot for leather and blazers, you can always rely on accessories. How about a silver long necklace with leather straps, just like mine down below:

black accessory


Or, you might choose big, black earrings for strapless dress or top to flatter your shoulders.

The good thing is that you can always rely on the black color to keep you stylish when you have some doubts about the bright colors. Enjoy the summer and come back for more great ideas, tips and DIY projects. Have fun!

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