Birthday Manicure Ideas
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Birthday Manicure Ideas


There are a lot of holidays every year, but there is one holiday that is a personal one and very special for a person. And this is their birthday. This is the day that people came to the world and that is why birthdays celebrate the fact that one is alive. This holiday gives also a person the opportunity to have anamazing day and all of their family and friends to treat them with extra tenderness on this day.

And since this day is so special, everything about it should be so for the person celebrating. That is why we decided to show you some birthday manicure ideas which you can try on your next birthday. Check them out!

#1 Balloons

What is a birthday party without balloons? It could be even said that they have turned into a kind of symbol of all kind of parties and especially birthday parties. There are a few different kind of manicures with balloons you could try, but we are going to share with you only one of them.

So, since party manicure could absolutely be colorful, we have also decided to make this manicure this way and we have chosen different colors for the balloons.

Apply white nail polish color and let it dry completely. Then you could move on to drawing the balloons. You can use different nail polish color for each of the balloons. Draw a semicircle on your nail in yellow, for example. The top of the balloon will be hidden in a way where your nail begins.

Do the same with the rest of your nails, without your thumb nails, choosing different colors for the balloons. And, of course, do not forget to draw the string of each one of the balloons to make them look even more real.

You can leave your thumb nails like that, but you could also apply some glitter, or some neutral color. And voila, you manicure is ready!

#2 Cupcake

The next symbol of a birthday party is, of course, the traditional birthday cake. That is why you could get inspired by this symbol and have it drawn on one of your nails, like on your ring finger one. Here is what you need to do.

First you need to choose a main color for the manicure. This could be your favorite one, or another that expresses your happy mood.

For this example, we have chosen green, as you probably know this will be the top color this year. After you apply the main nail polish as base, you need to wait some time so it can dry completely. And then you can move on to drawing the cupcake.

You will need 2 hues of pink nail polish, white, and some red, or blue. The pink nail polishes will be for the crust of the cake. Draw 5 small vertical lines starting with one of the pink hues and then using the other. You will create pink striped base for the cake.

Then get the white color and draw the frosting. Make it cloud-like. When it is dry enough, you can draw some dots on the frosting using the different nail polish colors. You could have one more cupcake on the ring finger nail of your other hand as well. And voila, your cupcake manicure will be done!

#3 Candles

The next manicure idea for your birthday party is quite easy to do because the centerpiece of it, candles, are easy to be drawn. You will need some yellow nail polish and some pink or blue one for the base of the candles. You need to draw a thin vertical line with the blue or pink color, and when the nail polish dries, you can do the flame.

You will need a sharp thin nail tool to draw it, or if you do not have one, you could use a pin because it will do the same job. As for the flame, draw it as if you are drawing a drop, with thin top and wider base. And basically, this is how you draw a candle.

The good thing is that you could match two or the three suggestions. For example, you could have a cupcake with a candle on top on one of your fingernails and you could have a balloon on another of your fingernails.

#4 Your age

The older a woman gets, the harder it is for her to admit her age. That is why the last birthday manicure idea is suitable for younger girls, or for those ones of the ladies who are not afraid to tell people how old they are.

So, for your birthday manicure you could have the number of your age drawn on one of your nails, or you could have it even drawn on two contiguous nails, like your middle finger and your ring one. You could also match this part of your manicure with some glitter to show everybody that you are shining no matter of your age.

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