Bigger But Natural Looking Lips

Bigger But Natural Looking Lips

Almost every girl who has small and thin lips wants to make them look bigger. But achieving bigger lips without plastic surgery is not the easiest job in the world. You have to keep in mind many factors, you have to follow many steps, but all of it worth it as long as you are not doing something that can ruin your face forever. So, let me show you how to create the best bigger lips only with makeup and the best part is that your lips will look absolutely natural. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one, here we go:

  • First, you must soften the skin of the lips, because you will have to exfoliate it before the application of the colors. I recommend you to apply petroleum jelly on the lips and let it work for several minutes.

  • Meanwhile, you can prepare a homemade lip scrub. You will need only a tablespoon full of white crystal sugar and a teaspoon full of honey. Mix the two ingredients in a small container and rub the softened lips with this prepared-at-home lip scrub.

  • Then, rinse the lips, pat them dry and apply a moisturizing lip balm immediately.

  • Then, prepare the lids with a primer. You can use a concealer. The point is to merge the lip color with the color of the face. Only this way the effect of the bigger looking lips will be created.

  • Then, outline the lips with a color that is similar to their natural one. Maybe one shade darker. Outline the edges of the lips just a little bit.

  • Fill in the lips with the same lip liner to create a nice base for the lipstick.

  • And then, top it with the very same color of lipstick, which is matte. The glossy finish won’t be able to contribute to the natural look of the lips.

  • And done!

bigger but natural looking lips

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