Beauty Tricks for Busy Girls

Beauty Tricks for Busy Girls

This article is for the girls who are too busy to spend hours in front of the mirror, but that does not mean that those girls shouldn’t look stunning all the time. That’s why those girls rely on the beauty hacks so much. Take a look at the best beauty hacks for girls, which have limited time for long beauty procedures:

  • Your cat-eye flick will be perfectly straight if you use an old business card as a guideline.
  • Apply the highlighting concealer as the number 3, above the brow, under the eye and under the cheekbone. Then blend in and your job is done!
  • Plump lips can be achieved with peppermint oil. It will irritate the skin and it will bring the blood closer to the surface, which will make the lips bigger.
  • If you want to make your lips pop out you should apply colorless lip balm.
  • Combine the application of the liner and the mascara only with one simple move: line the lash curler with black eye pencil and pinch the lashes with the stained curler.
  • Prevent stains on the lid from the mascara only by using a business card while you apply the mascara with the wand. Place the business card behind the lashes while you brush them with the mascara wand.
  • Use white or light beige eye pencil on the bottom waterline to make you look fresher and your eyes bigger. This trick will work perfectly for the moments when you suffer from tired eyes or hangover, it will hide the traces.
  • If somehow you come home with just-bought foundation, which is too dark for your skin, you can make it lighter by adding some moisturizer to it.
  • To get the most of your mascara bottle you have to warm it up and if you are in the club or at work, you warm it by putting it in your bra, between your breasts – emergency reaction for emergency need for mascara.
  • When you go on a trip, take only your mascara and a flat brush, because the mascara can work as a liner too. Just dap the flat brush into the wand and transfer the material to the lash line.
  • A long lasting perfume is the one that has a petroleum jelly as a base beneath it. So, apply a thin layer of the petroleum jelly on the pulse point and then spritz with the perfume.
  • When you run out of time and you really don’t want to be late for that meeting, you should put the accent on your makeup only on your lips or eyes, not both of them.
  • Make the mascara smoother by putting a few drops of contact solution in the bottle.
  • For the moments when you are too tired to remove your makeup at night, you should put makeup-removing wipes on the nightstand. There are no excuses for that, you must keep your face clean in order to have flawless skin.
  • In order to control those annoying flying hairs when your hair is tied up, you can use a little bit of hair spray and a toothbrush to comb the hairs.

Enjoy the hacks and come back for even greater ideas. Have fun!

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