Beauty Trends Which You Should Not Follow Blindly
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Beauty Trends Which You Should Not Follow Blindly

There are a lot of fashion and beauty advices that are in the net. Some of them really work, while others are simply a way of attracting some attention. There are some old beauty rules that a lot of people still follow because of the assumption that they are the best ones.

In fact, this is not always the case. Sometimes the things that we know about beauty techniques should not be followed blindly given the fact that a lot of things have changed since the time these all-time beauty techniques were introduced.

Today we are going to share with you some of the beauty trends which are considered to be top ones but in fact women should not follow blindly. Here is why!

#1 Use lip pencil a couple of tones darker than the lipstick color

The first of these all-time beauty tricks that you need to forget about is using a lip pencil that is a couple of tones darker than the color of the lipstick. If you look at some 1990s photos, you will see women wearing dark lip liners. And if we have to be honest, this looks a bit old-fashioned. If you apply lip liners, you should not make it stand out.

It is better to apply lip liners all over your lips if you want to make your lipstick long-lasting. And if you decide to outline your lips only with the lip liner, you should choose the same kind of color or at least a similar one. This way your lips will look fuller and not awkwardly old-fashioned.

#2 Shave your brows

This trend is surely not the best one there could be. There are some trends that come and go, just like shaving half of one’s head and leaving the other half with long hair. But surprisingly, some people continue following them.

One such beauty trend is shaving one’s brows, or a part of the brows, and shaping them the way one wants. One day they could make their brows fuller, the other day not, and so on. It is better, though, to stick to your natural brows. Natural brows are one of the current trends. Even if you decide to draw them make sure they look natural and not like you have applied brow shades.

#3 Heat the lash curler

The next beauty tip has become quite popular lately. A lot of women have started heating their lash curlers so that when they curl their lashes they remain in the shape longer than usual. This can sound as a really good idea, but it is not actually.

This is because heat is no friend to hair. This means that the fragile short lash hairs will be damaged even if they are heated for a while only. It is better you use the lash curler without heating it and then to apply some mascara. You will do more good to your lashes this way.

#4 If you have oily skin you do not need to hydrate it

I have to admit that this was one of the top mistakes I made in the past. I thought that since my skin is only, there would not be any reason I should apply cream on. I just wanted to get rid of the oiliness.

People do not know that if their skin is not hydrated well, it will become even oilier because this is when sebaceous glands start producing even more oil. This way if you do not hydrate your skin, it will become even oilier. That is why you need to apply regularly a hydrating cream on your skin. You will see that this will also help reduce oiliness.

#5 You should skip applying mascara on your bottom lashes

I am in love with long and dark lashes and luckily one of the current trends involves having such ones. There are some makeup inspirations from the 1960s when both upper and lower lashes were made really long and defined.

You can also try this current trend and start applying mascara on your bottom lashes if you do not usually. This way you will make you lashes look very long and doll-like. And you will definitely start attracting more attention to your eyes.

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