Beauty Tips For a Job Interview

Beauty Tips For a Job Interview

Job interviews are a big thing. They are usually very important, because let’s face it, on that depends your future. Normally people tend to be tense before an interview. They wonder how would it go, what would they be asked and what to wear. For man at least it is easy. They can just pull on a suit and a great shirt and a blazer and they are fine. They don’t have to worry about makeup, hair, accessories and stuff like that. And in that matter they are blessed. But us women have to worry about far more than just a suit to wear. So what should we do in the beauty department, so that we never ever make a mistake, because how we look should complement us, not the other way around?

Forget about heavy makeup. It will only distract your opponent from your answers and the talk. Simply make up will take you all the way to your dream job. But black eyeliner, fake eyelashes, red lipstick – no way! It doesn’t look professional. Anything that is appropriate for a club is not appropriate for work. Of course, no one is saying that you should go with a bare face. But just apply your base and foundation. Add some mascara. Draw your eyebrows, but subtle and uses a nudeish lipstick. This is all you will need. Kind of the no make up, make up look.

The aim is to look fresh and natural. If you appear as a sunny, glow and healthy person, your interviewer will immediately have a good first impression. Heavy make up make us you look like you, tired or you have much to hide. And that is not what you need. And the same applies to the hair – clean hair is the best. Just wear it the usual way you do through the day. If you feel comfortable with a ponytail for example, that is how you should go. Just avoid greasy locks and too much product and you will be okay.

Skipping the perfume might be your best option. The different people like different scents. And if yours is too heavy or something the person across the room doesn’t like it will be bad for you. If you are wearing a perfume that doesn’t suit the interviewer he or she might be very distracted and form an opinion judging on a scent. So instead of taking a chance just skip the perfume. Or if you don’t want to leave the house without a perfume, just add ONE drop on your hand and leave it at that.

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