Beauty Benefits of The Honey

Beauty Benefits of The Honey

We all know the benefits of the honey concerning our health. It could be put in tea and coffee. We often use it to make cakes, biscuits or with yoghurt. But do you know how beneficial it could be, if you use it in your beauty routine? There is no wonder why manufacturers put it into hand creams, masks, lip balms and many more. Since honey could be 100% bio and could not be mixed with anything chemical, it is worthed to try and up our beauty game with it. But, how?

  • Obliterate a scar
    Scars are kind of tough to be removed. Especially if they are surgical and didn’t heal the right way. And the truth is that many people struggle because they have scars or are ashamed of the scars they do have. No matter what scar you have and why, honey could be your saving grace. It is because honey has the ability to wear off and whiten skin.

    How: Mix a tbsp of honey with a tbsp of coconut oil (in case you don’t have coconut oil you could use olive oil). After you mix it well, apply it all over the scar with massaging moves. Then put a warmed towel over it. Leave it until the towel is already cold, then remove and rinse with water.

  • To soothe burned skin

Burned skin is awful. It hurts and there is nothing much that you could do. You could get burned skin from the sun or because of hot surfaces like cookers or irons. But this is another occasion when honey could be helpful for you. This is because honey is very hydrating and also is anti-bacterial.

How: Depending on how big the burned area is mixed one part honey with two parts aloe vera. Apply it over the burned area and leave it until it soothes.

  • To clean the pores

We all hate our clogged pores. And want to say ‘Bye’ to the in the easiest possible way. But it usually is not that easy. But you can have a sigh of relief – honey could help you remove and clean those pores.

How: Mix one tbsp honey with two tbsp jojoba oil. Whisk until you get a smooth mixture. Then by using massaging moves apply the mixture to the face, but be careful not to let anything in your eyes. Then rinse with cold water. Apply moisturizer.

  • Hydrating mask

Hydrating is important. When seasons change, our skin tends to dry out and we need more hydration than ever. So let’s make a honey mask.

How: Grab a tsp honey. Apply it to the whole face by scattering the honey all around. Leave it on the face for about 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. And you are done. Totally hydrated face.

  • Hair conditioner

Honey could not only be used on your face or to cure scars or burns. Since it is hydrating, mixed with the right ingredients, it could work perfectly as a conditioner for your hair. And since it will be natural – what better can you want for your hair?

How: Mix a tbsp honey with a tbsp coconut oil. Whisk good. Then apply it to the hair starting from the years down. In other words, don’t apply it to the roots. Leave the honey conditioner on the hair for 10-20 minutes, depending on how much time you want to spend. It is kind of a conditioning mask, so the more time it is on your hair, the better. Then rinse with water and continue with your usual routine.

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