Basic Fashion Items Every Girl Needs to Have in Her Wardrobe
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Basic Fashion Items Every Girl Needs to Have in Her Wardrobe


Nowadays there is a lot of options for buying all kinds of products. There are shopping malls in every town, there are other small shops as well and let’s do not forget the online stores. There is plenty of choice and everybody can find something suitable for their style.

No matter what one’s style is, however, there is an unwritten rule about having basic fashion items in order to be able to put together different kinds of fashion outfits for different occasions. And to help you with this task, we have prepared a list with the basic fashion items every lady needs to have in her wardrobe.

#1 A white shirt

This is one of the most important fashion pieces a woman should have is a white shirt. It is very elegant and it is perfect for a day in the office. You could match it with almost any kind of bottoms. If you want to be more casual, you could match the white shirt with a pair of skinny jeans.

If you want to be more elegant, you could wear the white shirt with a black pencil skirt with high waist and tuck it in. you could also wear it with smart pants. There are really a lot of options you could try with this one item.

This way even if you do not have that many clothes in your wardrobe, you could match the clothes in such a way that people will come to the conclusion that you have a huge number of clothes in your wardrobe. So you really need to consider having a white shirt.

#2 Black leather jacket

Another item which is simply a must-have in one’s wardrobe, especially in the fall and the spring, is a black leather jacket. It is not only a sexy kind of item, but it can also be worn in a lot of ways.

You can wear it with a top and jeans if you want to be casual that day. Or you could wear it with a long skirt and be a fierce chick that day. You could wear it with short skirts as well. You could wear it with high heels and with flats or trainers.

Basically there are plenty of options for you to wear such kind of jacket and you can only win if you have such kind of fashion item in your wardrobe.

#3 A pair of black stiletto shoes

Since we already mentioned a couple of items that can be worn with high heels, it is time to turn our attention to this kind of shoes in particular. Another fashion item that is considered a must in every woman’s wardrobe is a pair of high heels. We have included a pair of stiletto shoes in particular.

They are simple and elegant at the same time and let’s just not mention that they are both ideal for special occasions and everyday such. One can go to work with black stilettos and can go to a party wearing them. You can simply not miss having such pair of shoes as a basic item in your wardrobe.

#4 A striped top

Another piece of clothing that is considered to be a timeless one is a top with stripes. Usually it is a white top with black or dark blue stripes. Many people think of this top as a typical beach one because it reminds them of a marine kind of stripe but you can actually wear it throughout the rest of the year as well and not only the summer.

It is an item that was popular years ago and it is still popular nowadays which makes it an eternal one. You can wear it with pants, jeans, and even skirts depending on the top itself. So if you still do not have such an item in your wardrobe, consider getting one soon.

#5 A blazer

Together with the leather jacket, a woman should not skip having a blazer in her wardrobe, especially in the fall and the spring. It is one of the essential items that make women more sophisticated and smart-looking.

Wearing a blazer to work will make a woman look more business-oriented thus more ambitious and determined. It is an item “stolen” from menswear thus makes a woman look more powerful and strong which women nowadays are. Blazers can be worn also outside work for a meeting with a friend, for example.

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