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Braid-Wrapped Messy Bun

  In a world where we cherish every free minute out of our busy schedules it is often difficult to find time to create a cute hairstyle that fits our unique style. It is often believed that creating the perfect messy bun can take up for hours in front of the mirror in our bathroom. Do not believe everything you ... Read More »

ImproperMakeup Brushes Maintenance that Cause Acne

  There are some things women do daily without realizing that they may be not so innocent for their skin. Unfortunately, sometimes women do not realize that the things they consider insignificant can cause one of the most common skin problems people from all over the world deal with – acne. There are, for example, people who cannot cure their ... Read More »

World Destinations to Visit in the Second Half of August

  The season when people travel the most is definitely summer. This is the time when people get their annual paid leave usually together with the Christmas holidays. This is because the weather in the summer is perfect for traveling and some relaxation but still one needs to consider the weather conditions in the different parts of the world. It ... Read More »

Fashion Outfit Ideas Inspired by New York

  There are a few cities in the world, like Milano and Paris, which are considered to be the ultimate fashion capitals. There is a specific fashion nuance they have which makes them iconic in the fashion world. Each of these cities has its specific fashion trends. Today we have prepared for you some fashion outfit ideas inspired by one ... Read More »

Super Easy Braided Bun in 9 Simple Steps

    Buns have never been so foolproof thanks to this simple and super easy braided bun tutorial. If you are going out with the girls, meeting your spouse for dinner, attending a red-carpet event or just going out for a walk in the park, this bun will make your overall look even more beautiful than before! Step 1: Brush ... Read More »

How to Brighten Up Your Eyes and Makeup

  Let’s face it – we would love to live in a world where we always get a full eight hours of sleep a night – but that’s just not reality. Sometimes we stay up way too late clicking around our follower’s Instagram stories or watching our latest Netflix obsession till 3 AM. And in the morning, we see the ... Read More »

Pink Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

    If you like putting makeup on, the cut crease might be one of the staple looks in your repertoire. You can always achieve totally different effects you can achieve with a cut crease by using less conventional colours, brushes and products. If you are interested in perfecting the cut crease look, you have come to the right place. ... Read More »

Super Cute Inverted Bun

    Hit snooze too many times? Straightening iron broke? Just don’t want to deal with your hair? Entering the super cute inverted bun which can be easily done in a few minutes! But before that, make sure you have enough clear rubber bands and enough bobby pins for the inverted ponytail. Step 1: Gather all of your hair into ... Read More »