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Faux Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

  Rather than braiding your hair at the back like most girls do, wearing it at the side gives you two totally different profiles. Just follow the steps below and you will see how easy it is to achieve the half up pull through braid look! Step 1: Start by brushing your hair, all of it, not just the top ... Read More »

Gold and Brown Gorgeous Makeup Tutorial

  Gold and brown smoky eye makeup can always save you in a day you don’t know what you feel like creating with the makeup that you have at hand. So, here is a quick guideline on how to achieve a great brown-gold smoky look. Step 1: To start up this look, make sure you put some prime or eye ... Read More »

Dark Grey Smoky Eye Makeup

  We often spend hours mesmerised by our favourite Instagram makeup artists or beauty bloggers and wonder how they achieved such a breathtaking final result. We are especially envious of their sultry eye shadow looks, particularly those that use the smoky eye technique to their advantage. Though we completely covet their perfectly blended lids, we must admit: attempting the look ... Read More »

How to Wear Long Skirts in the Fall

  There are a lot of women who wear skirts and dresses only in the summer. The reason for this is simple – they just find it too cold to wear such kinds of clothes during the rest of the seasons. Since we believe that there are a lot of fashion pieces which are so pretty that one should not ... Read More »

How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

  Oh, yes – there is a correct way to apply makeup layer by layer and we are almost certain that you do not do all the layers as you are supposed to. Find out below the steps you have to do to properly prepare your face skin for the makeup. Begin with the Facial Toner which cleanses the skill ... Read More »

Emphasize Your Blue Eyes

  Blue eyes might be a recessive trait, but if you are blessed with having them, they deserve to be your dominant feature. Your blue eyes are just gorgeous the way they are, but they will look even more alluring if you sprinkle bronze shadow to highlight their appearance. Step 1: Before applying any makeup on, creating a flawless base ... Read More »

Delicious Beef Recipe to Try for Lunch

  There are a lot of people who eat only chicken because it does not have a lot of calories and it is delicious at the same time. However, if you want to change the meat you have and you still want some that is healthy and that does not contain a lot of calories, then you should definitely try ... Read More »

Cute Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair

  Too short for a big bun, too long to just comb to the side, medium-length hair can be a great look for any girl if you know how to make the most out of your look. Step 1: Brush through your locks to ensure they’re smooth and free from tangles. Then, you need to divide your hair horizontally from ... Read More »