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Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Try on Your Own

  Nowadays there are a lot of people who decide to become vegetarians for one reason or another. But even if a person is not a vegetarian, this does not mean that they should not skip having meat from time to time. There are many nutritious recipes with vegetables and dairy products and eggs, that one can even not notice ... Read More »

Bohemian Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial

  Are you looking for an amazing red carpet-ready updo for your next glamorous event? Search no more! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create the bohemian side ponytail! Now scroll down, follow the easy steps below and be amazed by the final result! Save it, pin it or bookmark this page for anytime you fancy a carpet-ready ... Read More »

Romantic Twist Braid Hair Tutorial

    Hit snooze too many times? Straightening iron broke? Just don’t want to deal with your hair but you still want something special for today? Whether you are out to brunch, at work, or running errands, sweeping your strands into a classic twist braid is always the right choice! If you love braids, this style is for you – ... Read More »

Interesting World Festivals to Visit in May

There are a lot of interesting world festivals throughout the year. The time they are held is based either on some historical tradition in the country, or it is based on the weather. This way, for example, a certain rose festival is usually held in spring when roses bloom, or a sunflower festival could be held in the summer when ... Read More »

Lip Contouring Specifically For Red Lipstick

  It’s no secret that the makeup world is pretty obsessed with contouring. Tutorials abound when it comes to this makeup technique, with women (and men!) layering highlighter on top of shading in order to achieve beautiful lips with volume, shine and definition.When perusing Instagram and your favourite red carpet photos, it might seem like everyone else has been blessed ... Read More »

  Nowadays the main activities in a person’s life involve electricity. The internet works with electricity, the TV set works with electricity, the lights in one’s home work with electricity. And what happens when the lights go out for a couple of hours? People start wondering what to do. It could be even a complete disaster if there is no ... Read More »

Cute Hairstyle Tutorial for Every Day

  With more and more tutorials on outstanding hairstyles coming out every single day, you should not settle for ordinary looks. This 10 minutes project which will give you beautiful daily look. Step 1: Begin by dividing your hair into two sections. Divide the crown section from the ears up, twist it slightly and clip it on top of your ... Read More »

Top Places to Visit in Bolivia

Bolivia is a small country in South America and even if a lot of people have heard of it, they do not know how beautiful it is and how many interesting things and places there are to see. Today we decided to tell you about the beauty of this country and that is why we have prepared a list of ... Read More »

No-Heat Curls in No Time

  There are many hair tutorials out there that show you how to curl hair, and all of them are different. Which one is the correct one and which one is absolutely difficult to master? There is no right or wrong answer. The truth is that it takes time to research all the different curling methods out there. To help ... Read More »

Lip Contouring Specifically For Pink Lipstick

  In love with your pink lipstick but you still want to take your game to the next level? Kiss your thin, undefined lips goodbye with this tutorial on lip contouring specifically for pink lipstick! Visibly contour your lips and get the full shapely lips you desire with this contouring lip gloss in sweet pink, just like you! Step 1: ... Read More »