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Things You Should Never Do in the Bathroom

  You have probably heard that there are things people do wrong in almost every aspect of their lives. Of course, this is not because they are doing it on purpose but just because they do not know what the possible consequences of these things might be. Today we have decided to find out what the kinds of things that ... Read More »

Party Makeup Inspiration

  We often spend hours mesmerised by our favourite Instagram makeup artists and wonder how did they manage to create such a breathtaking makeup look. We’re especially envious of their sultry eye shadow looks, particularly those that combine colours so successfully. Though we completely covet their contoured lids, we must admit: attempting the look is intimidating. If you are looking ... Read More »

Delicious Fish Recipes to Try for Lunch This Week

Delicious Fish Recipes to Try for Lunch This Week There are a lot of people who know that fish is healthy but they rarely forget to cook it or to order it when they eat out. Fish is not only delicious and healthy, but even vegetarians can have it, and also people who are fasting. That is why it would ... Read More »

Easy and Quick Jeans Hem

  You need shorter jeans? It is very difficult to shop for jeans that fit off the rack, especially in terms of length. For example, if you have short legs then finding jeans in the right length can be almost impossible. You do not need to give a single dime to the tailor; you can handle this all by yourself. ... Read More »

Fashion Items that Make a Comeback This Year

  As you know, there is nothing permanent about fashion. One year something is popular, the next year it is no longer so. And in the years to come the same item is likely to become popular once again. There are some improvements, of course, to the item sometimes, but in general it is the same as it used to ... Read More »

Pink and White Gradient Lips

  The gradient lips – a perfect finish to your makeup that creates the illusion of a smaller yet cuter mouth which gives the impression that you’ve been sucking on a watermelon lollipop all day! Today this makeup technique is one of the most popular beauty trends among the fashionistas all over the world. Now is the time to ace ... Read More »

3 Types of Exercises that are Bad for Your Skin

  We are all used to hearing that sports are good for a person’s health. People are encouraged to do physical exercises daily because this way they will keep their weight under control and they will stay healthy and strong. Another reason to do exercises is to keep one’s skin strong and elastic. However, not all kinds of exercises are ... Read More »

Best Contouring Makeup Trick to Hide Tiredness

  It is a well know fact that when we are tired, we look much older than we actually are. It is like everything is on display – puffed eyes, black lines and strange shades on the face. It is so much to do that in many cases tiredness is inevitable and it is shown on the face. Sometimes we ... Read More »

Define Your Brows like a Pro

  There are makeup tricks that can help you to look like a celebrity. Any makeup artist would tell that the first and most important trick is to not be afraid of experimenting with the way you look. However, when it comes to defining your brows – there are no two ways to do it right. You need to know ... Read More »