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The Only Tutorial You Need For Mastering the Eyeliner Look

    One of the trickiest things to master is eyeliner because there are tons of tutorials out there telling you different ways to get it right. You don’t need to browse any longer. This is the only tutorial you need for mastering the eyeliner look, with every single step explained in a simple, concise way. No matter where you ... Read More »

How to Become an Early Riser

It is already well known that if a person wants to be organized, to be able to concentrate better and to make the most of their day, they need to wake up early in the morning and thus to go to bed early. Some people, however, find it very difficult to wake up early in the morning even if they ... Read More »

Dos & Don’ts for Underarm Hair Removal

  Underarm area is very sensitive thus we need to proper take care of it. Underarms problems are very common and due to which most of us avoid wearing our favourite sleeveless or short sleeve outfits. Whether you prefer to wax or shave, these tips for underarm hair removal will make the experience easier and leave you with way smoother ... Read More »

Fresh Ideas for Decorating Your Home for the Summer

Every season is a new reason not only to add some new fashion pieces to your wardrobe and to make it fresher but this is not the only thing to renovate. You can do the same with your home. The way you decorate it for Christmas, Halloween, or Easter, you could also decorate it for the spring, the autumn, and ... Read More »

Make Your Ponytail Look Irresistible

    Red carpet hair and real life hair don’t often intersect, but the go-to look–the super cute twisted ponytail works both ways. Not only does the pony transition from day to night, but it will look irresistible. This tutorial breaks down the anatomy of the perfect ponytail look. It takes five minutes to throw up and it is ideal ... Read More »

How to Do the Cut Crease Black-Purple Makeup

    This tutorial will show you how to achieve the magnificent cut crease eye effect using black and purple shadow for glamorous finish. Do not worry if you are a beginner at applying makeup, everything is explained! Are you ready? Let’s start with the first step of this cut crease eyeshadow tutorial. Step 1: Use a purple eyeshadow to ... Read More »

Top Places to Visit in Venezuela

  There are a lot of stunning places one can visit all over the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit them all and that is why people choose to go to places near their home place because it would be cheaper for them, or to go to their dream places. To help you choose your next vacation spot, ... Read More »

Half up Half down Hairstyle for Short Hair

  We have the perfect half up half down look for your short hair! This tutorial will teach you how to achieve a super easy yet very feminine style in just a few minutes! Now you don’t have to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, trying to make the perfect bun or loose braid. This tutorial will ... Read More »

Eyebrow Tutorial for Sparse, Undefined Brows

  As we age, our eyebrows can become sparser, either from a history of over plucking or hormones changes. There’s something about a bold brow – eyebrows are essential to conveying emotion and even inspire the latest beauty trends. Yet, having sparse brows is something that can happen to everyone. This can be a real challenge, especially if you are ... Read More »