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Correct Sagging Eyelids with This Amazing Makeup Trick

    In a world where beauty trends are unpredictable and constantly evolving, it’s nice to know a simple trick on how to correct dull, sagging eyelids. Say goodbye to saggy eyelids with this amazing makeup trick which will transform your entire appearance! Step 1: Before you begin, apply a small amount of makeup primer all over your face to ... Read More »

How to Wear Little Black…T-shirt

  When it comes to fashion there are different ways one can match fashion items. This way every person can find the best style for them and can wear the clothes they like, the way they like. Today we were inspired by a very common fashion item that most people have in their wardrobe. And this is a black t-shirt. ... Read More »

Amazing Bow Bun Hairstyle

  Looking for an amazing hairstyle to match your even more amazing outfit? Search no further! You’ve got the dress, the decor is all set, the vendors are all hired, but one thing’s missing: your hairstyle for the big day. If you haven’t decided yet on the perfect hairdo, then we have everything covered! This tutorial will show you how ... Read More »

Effortless Eyeliner Look For Every Day

  To help all of you in your quest for the perfect makeup look, this effortless eyeliner look is the impeccable choice for any day, any event and any occasion! Now it’s the time to try out this easy makeup look to make a classy, very feminine and natural style statement. Before you begin, apply makeup primer with infallible mattifying ... Read More »

Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Eaters

Nowadays people know how important a healthy diet is to one’s health and well-being. People turn to fruits and vegetables more and more because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and not only this, but they also are low in calories, which makes them perfect for the people who want to lose weight and for the ones who ... Read More »

Cute Fishtail-Merged Crown Braid

  The ever-famous fishtail braided crown hairstyle will make your whole look amazing for any upcoming event – whatever the occasion! With practice, the braided crown hairstyle can take all of 5 to 10 minutes. Yet, some beginners find it super difficult and tricky to do. That’s why this tutorial is designed in a way to suit both professionals and ... Read More »

Easter Getaway Destinations to Visit This Year

Easter, like Christmas, is one of the holidays that a lot of people want to spend with family and relatives. However, there is another way to spend the holidays and it is by traveling. One of the advantages of Easter is that the holiday is always during the spring, which means that the whether is much more suitable for some ... Read More »

Blow Dry Basics Every Girl Needs To Know

    Step 1: Make sure you towel-dry hair after shampooing and before you applying conditioner. This is essential because the excess water in your hair means the conditioner will not be able to deliver the necessary moisture to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Step 2: On wet hair, spray leave-in conditioner so that you’re not ripping at your ... Read More »

Adorable Low Bun with Fishtail Braid

  In case you haven’t noticed yet, the low bun hairstyles with a touch of fishtail braid have been spotted everywhere for the past few months – beauty blogs, Instagram pictures, Pinterest pins, and even on those glamorous red carpet events. If you want to achieve the ever famous look, then this tutorial will guide you throughout the way. Step ... Read More »