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How to Avoid Getting Food Sick While Traveling

Traveling is not only about seeing new lands, but it is also about experiencing new cultures and flavors. Trying local dishes could be a big part of what you trips are made of. At the end of the day, no matter where we are we really do need to eat. So why not just give a go at the local ... Read More »

Beauty Tips For a Job Interview

Job interviews are a big thing. They are usually very important, because let’s face it, on that depends your future. Normally people tend to be tense before an interview. They wonder how would it go, what would they be asked and what to wear. For man at least it is easy. They can just pull on a suit and a ... Read More »

How to Have Shiny and Healthy Hair?

The hair is a whole universe that many people just don’t get. It is not only about washing it and blow drying it. It is about how you live, what do you eat and how you treat the hair. There are some ways to get better hair, without doing way too much, but you have to follow a routine. Change ... Read More »

Chic vs. Fashion

Chic and fashion goes together when you consider yourself as a fashionista, but if you separate them, then you will turn into a hanger for expensive and beautiful clothes. The border having a personal style and copying certain outfits is really thin and often the clothing stores can’t help us decide exactly how to match two items. I think that ... Read More »

Quit Those Eating Habits 

Sometimes ignorance is the one thing that stops you from achieving your life goals. Let’s talk a little bit about weight goals. You might exercise really hard, try to eat well, but still, the weight isn’t going any down. You start to feel that the whole effort is pointless and you quit. But that’s not the solution to your problems. You ... Read More »

Those Are The 6 Places You Need to See Before You Die

There are countries you need to visit. There are towns you need to visit. There are certain architectural masterpieces you need to see and experience. At least once in your lifetime. The world is built beautifully and every country has something special to offer, that is for sure. Actually, every city. But some places just stick out from everything else ... Read More »

6 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

Summer is just around the corner. And we all are starting to think about our weight and the way we look. Usually in the winter we put on a few pounds. And we don’t need them in the spring and summer. But dieting and stuff like that is way too tough, especially if you live a busy life. So how ... Read More »

7 Facts About The Red Lipstick

Red – many people think of the red color as a dangerous color. And since it is considered to be like that, many women are afraid to buy and wear a red lipstick. And actually it turns out that women that wear it get way more attention than the other women. In a research done in France different colors of ... Read More »

How to Whiten Yellow Nails

No matter if you occasional visit a manicurist or not, yellow nails are something awful and you should most definitely get rid of that color. Those yellow shades and stains often actually appear on your nails because of too much nail polish and never giving them a rest. Yellow nails and stains are something probably only women notice (because you ... Read More »

Top 4 New York City Free Museums

NYC is one of those places that offers so much that you just can’t choose what to enjoy and see first. Especially if you are a first time traveler in the Big Apple. And the truth is though that a NYC experience can be way more expensive than many others or more even than what you imagined. No matter what ... Read More »