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Line Your Eyes According To Their Shape

When you apply makeup on your face, you always have to choose the proper design according to your facial features. Some designs will look good on your friend, but they won’t have the same results on you, because you are different. Let’s talk today about shapes of eyes and eyeliners. Let’s learn how to match the proper designs with the ... Read More »

Keep Your Hair Perfect All Summer Long

Summer is the best season there is. At least for me. I love the way my body and skin feels. But with summer it is tougher to take care of your hair. Not that it is impossible, but it is different than through the winter. There are tricks we can use so that we make our life easier (at least ... Read More »

Cute Casual Hairstyle

Today I want to talk about your hair. As girls, we all want to have beautiful hairs, but do we take enough care of our hair? Do we spare the hair when we make the different hairstyle? I’m sure that you don’t think much about this and you treat your hair with heat because you like the way it looks ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Any Underarm Darkness

Strapless tops or dresses are one of the greatest ways to be sexy without actually showing a lot of skin. Collar bones are quite appealing and elegant and can be accessorized with enormous earrings or a bold statement necklace. Halter tops and dresses are the other quite trendy style of clothes right now. Not to mention how cool and stylish ... Read More »

Get Ready for Summer: Your New Detox Diet

This is a two week detox diet plan. Once you are done with it you won’t need any more diets, before you hit the beach. It is a low calorie diet, which will make you feel good about yourself. You will feel lighter and you will definitely lose weight. During the diet forget about alcohol. You will need to drink ... Read More »

Fancy & Elegant Nail Art

You know that almost every girl has fake nails. I’m not talking about the cheap plastic and ugly nails that you stick to your natural nails with instant glue, I’m talking about nail build ups like artificial nails and acrylic nails, which looks natural and beautiful. Even if you have your nails done at the salon, you can fall into ... Read More »

Fake a Rich Ponytail

There are girls who naturally have long and thick hair. And all the women that look exactly it are kind of jealous. There is no way anyone wouldn’t want to have that, rather than a thin ponytail. There is just something about the way it looks. And also a bigger ponytail gives you way more confidence. Girls who have thinner ... Read More »

Top Cleaning Tips for Everyone

Cleaning seems like an extremely annoying task, but not as hard when you watch how someone experienced does it. It can be gross or take a lot of time, but does it look difficult? Not really. However, once you move out on your own and start taking care of your own house, you might realize that there is a lot ... Read More »

Self-Tanning Tips for a Better Look

The season of bare legs is almost here; however, the sun can still be scarce at this time of year. Not all of us can use the benefits of sunrays rapidly and get the desired tan naturally. That is why the cosmetic industry has politely provided us with its own tool: self-tanner. There are many brands and techniques available to ... Read More »