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5 Ways to Fall Asleep When You Just Can’t

Sometimes we are tired as hell. And all we want is to go to bed and fall asleep as soon as we smell the pillow. And although we are quite sure that is exactly what will happen, sometimes we just can’t fall asleep, no matter how tired we are. Those nights I hate. I just toss and turn around and ... Read More »

A Celebrity Look Trick

The trend of the huge voluminous hairstyles is over long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that you have to walk around with no volume at all. Some occasions require nice and thick (not huge and fluffy) volume that looks natural and smooth. Today I want to show you how to achieve this look, you will need a few hair ... Read More »

Ponytail With a Twist

Ponytails are something great. I know that as a woman. Because once you have a bad hair day, you just grab an elastic, out your locks into a ponytails and you are good to go. The same applies for those day where you just can’t deal with it. But that hair style might get too boring. So here is an ... Read More »

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

For some women going shopping is one of the worst experiences ever. This is mostly because they cannot find anything that looks good on them or if they do, it takes them so much time and nerves that in the end they are not happy about their shopping. One of the reasons for this to happen is that these women ... Read More »

Upgraded Ponytail

Today I’m in a great mood for making elegant hairstyle. I think that every girl should know how to make her own look both for formal and casual occasions. Maybe now you have enough money and free time to visit the beauty salon every time you need to, but it will come a moment of your life when you will ... Read More »

How to Eat Clean – a New Healthy Diet

Let’s be honest, how often have you started a diet when you wanted to lose some weight but it only lasts for about two days and in the end you give it up, because your will is not strong enough or because some of your friends has offered you a piece of chocolate or something else that is not included ... Read More »

Extraordinary Bun

There are days when your hair is so annoying and you dial the number of your hair stylist at least three times, but then you hang up because you realize how much you love your hair with all its flaws and all. I know it is hard to have long hair, especially during the warm seasons, but I will tell ... Read More »

How to Recover From the End of a Long-term Relationship

When you have just ended a long-term relationship, everything seems so different, even if you know that this is the right thing to do. You are just so used to being with this person that everything seems wrong when you are not with them. Every little thing reminds you of them, you accidentally hear “your song” and you are about ... Read More »

The 10-minute Fancy Updo

Being fancy is something all women want from time to time. I know it because I feel like that. Sometimes the regular just doesn’t do the trick. We need to be a little bit more than what we usually are. And at times it is because we just need to attend a fancy event. Other times are just the way ... Read More »