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Look Like a Khaleesi

I’m sure that you know who is Khaleesi. If you hadn’t watched the HBO TV show Game of Thrones, at least you heard about it or read some articles. Or maybe you even have read the books. The point is that you know that Khaleesi is a word for a Queen in the dothraki language, which is a constructed fictional ... Read More »

7 Beauty Sins Every Girl Commits

It does not matter how healthy, we are trying to live our lives, there are still some small mistakes we make. Of course, nobody can live a perfect life, after all we are only humans, but some of the mistakes we make can be fixed when we realize how disastrous their consequences on our body actually are. And here are ... Read More »

Trick For Natural-Looking Curls

 I have the feeling that everyone is obsessed with their look these days, but when you look more closely at the situation, you will realize that this obsession is absolutely normal and logical, all because of the media. And girls pay more attention to their look than boys, because we more often watch fashion shows and read magazines, where the ... Read More »

How to Get The Thigh Gap

The thigh gap is one of the most desired body features of the women. It is like a representation of sexiness for many. In the eyes of a woman that doesn’t have a thigh gap it is something magical, that will change everything about you. And although it might not be exactly like that, they still want it. Many women ... Read More »

Step By Step Art Deco Manicure

This nail polish looks a little bit hard to create, but when you actually see the technique, you will see that it is extremely easy. But let’s start with the preparation step, because every nail art looks better when the canvas (your nails) is well prepared. First of all, take care of the skin around the nails. You know how ... Read More »

How to Perfectly Apply Your Make Up

Try to keep healthy skin Your skin is something you will live in your whole life. Being healthy as a person includes your skin. You should be always thinking about it when considering stuff like drinking, smoking, not sleeping, putting on make up. At the end of the day your face is the first thing that represents you and it ... Read More »

Denim Nails

The denim trend has been on for a while now. I think there is no person, who doesn’t own at least a pair of denim jeans. And than having a denim shirt is another fashion must. If you are a fashionista yourself I am sure you already own one. Celebreties like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have all been ... Read More »

The Most Underrated European Cities

Europe has some special cities, famous all around the world. Talk London, talk Paris, talking Milan or Berlin or Barcelona. All those places, of course, are famous for a reason – their cultural and architectural impact and history. Some places are known for their romantics. Other for their night life. There are places for shopping, for swimming, for eating – ... Read More »

Elegant Pony Hairstyle

Your ponytail can be more than just an ordinary hairstyle. There are different techniques for different ponytails. Oh, and one more thing about the awesomeness of the ponytails – they will be a huge trend this year. We can learn together, how to create different styles of ponytails and how to decorate them according to the occasion. Today I want ... Read More »

Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Travel Alone

Traveling is my favorite thing to do. There is nothing more exciting than booking a plane or train ticket, buying that city guide, finding an AirBnb or even researching online. Then the packing comes and I know I love that too. Although many people dread it despite of loving to travel, I don’t. I find it quite fun and giving ... Read More »