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Places to Visit in India in November

November is one of the months which is a bit depressing since there are not that many festivals and holidays during it. It seems like one very long month before December. Some people do not like it that much because it is cold and there is nothing special during it, apart from Thanksgiving Day. So, if you want not to ... Read More »

The Right Way to Fill In Brows

    Perfectly contoured bushy eyebrows can totally change the expression of your face, making you look more dramatic, sensual and memorable. The new beauty trends encourage having bold, well-defined brows. You don’t have to go to beauty school to be an expert in your own eyebrows. Filling in your eyebrows is one of those beauty steps where a little ... Read More »

How to Cope with Your Anger

  Nowadays there are plenty of people who are under a lot of pressure and this results in their communication and relationships with other people. They can often can start yelling, or be very snappy, or be over-the-top sarcastic. All of this is triggered by some emotions or the piling up of all the stress and worries in one’s life, ... Read More »

Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  Halloween is here and you have no idea what kind of costume you are going to wear for the very holiday? Do not worry, this could happen to anyone, especially for those people who have waited till the last minute to decide whether they are going to celebrate Halloween at all. Even if you are in such kind of ... Read More »

Unusual Trick to Hide Dark Circles

    We all know that there is nothing worse than waking up early in the morning, looking in the mirror and being greeted by those dark circles. You have probably tried many home beauty tricks to get rid of them, but putting bright red-orange lipstick under your eyes is something definitely worth trying! If you are rolling your eyes ... Read More »

5 Killer Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

    Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Not everyone is born with an inbuilt sense of self-confidence. That is for sure. Even celebrities and well-known people around the world suffer from low self-esteem. Sometimes it can be hard to develop confidence, either because personal experiences have ... Read More »

Cute High Bun with Accessory

  The high bun! Whether you’re going to prom, a wedding, or just the park, it’s a simple, classic, and elegant hairstyle.  Anyone can wear it regardless of hair type or texture, and it’s easier to style than you think! For those with brief hair, you can even now pull back your hair in a crazy stylish way. Copy this ... Read More »

Must-Go-to Places to Visit in Your 30s

  People go through different stages in their lives and during each one of them they learn something new. When people are lost and cannot deal with some serious problem they have, they often go on a journey, to find themselves, to learn new things about themselves, and, of course, to have a new perspective of life. When people live ... Read More »

How to Recreate the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Effect

Eyeliner is probably one of the most favourite items of makeup ever – whether you are looking for a more relaxed and low maintenance day look or a dramatic and daring evening style, eyeliner is the perfect finishing touch for any occasion. Yet, creating the perfect winged eyeliner look has always been a challenge even for the most skilled makeup ... Read More »