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This is Not your Casual Makeup

Some occasions require fancy look, which means that you will have to dress up, make a fancy hairstyle and apply a fancy makeup design. Let’s start with the makeup, I’m sure that it will inspire you to handle the rest of this fancy look. So, as long as it is hot out there and the summer is here, I want ... Read More »

The Biggest Sins for Your Hair

Your hair is probably as crazy as ours: it always has its own opinion and does not let itself be tamed! There are many different issues that you might be encountering with your hair: dryness, oiliness, frizz, split ends, dandruff, dullness and lack of gloss, etc. However, the contemporary beauty industry has developed tons of products and the good news ... Read More »

Fancy Low Chignon

 When you need fancy and formal look, you definitely should rely on the hairstyle to help you achieve this look. Down below you will find an easy tutorial for great low chignon. If you like it just follow the steps and they will lead you to the beautiful result. But first, let’s talk about the proper care of the hair, ... Read More »

Homemade Gel Polish Remover

There is no doubt in the fact that you are a beautiful girl. And as a beautiful girl, you care a lot about your look and beauty, which means that you boost it up with different decorations. If you truly care about your beauty, than you should know that the beauty comes from the inside – you have to be ... Read More »

Do You Want To Lose Weight?

With the summer almost here and out beach time about to happen, we all want to tone down a little bit and get out summer body. Not that we should be obsessed, but something like that can make us feel better about ourselves once we strip down and are left with nothing but bare feet and a swim suit. So ... Read More »

Look Like a Khaleesi

I’m sure that you know who is Khaleesi. If you hadn’t watched the HBO TV show Game of Thrones, at least you heard about it or read some articles. Or maybe you even have read the books. The point is that you know that Khaleesi is a word for a Queen in the dothraki language, which is a constructed fictional ... Read More »

7 Beauty Sins Every Girl Commits

It does not matter how healthy, we are trying to live our lives, there are still some small mistakes we make. Of course, nobody can live a perfect life, after all we are only humans, but some of the mistakes we make can be fixed when we realize how disastrous their consequences on our body actually are. And here are ... Read More »

Trick For Natural-Looking Curls

 I have the feeling that everyone is obsessed with their look these days, but when you look more closely at the situation, you will realize that this obsession is absolutely normal and logical, all because of the media. And girls pay more attention to their look than boys, because we more often watch fashion shows and read magazines, where the ... Read More »