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Grab Twist & Pin

I think that it’s highly important to take good care of our hairs. The haircut, the hairstyle too, play a huge role for your good looking face. If the hair is damaged because of the heat, which you use too often to stylize your hair, or the poor care you take of it, you will see that the volume will ... Read More »

4 Food Myths You Must Stop Believing in Immediately

There is so much information about which foods are healthy and what and when you should eat if you want to have a perfect body and still have enough energy, that in the end you are left completely baffled what you should do because some of this information is in total contrast with other information. So, this is how myths ... Read More »

The Cupid’s Bow Is Important

Today I want to show you how to apply a dark color on your lips. There are few steps that must be followed in order to achieve perfect results. Take a look at these steps and make sure that you have the needed things around you: Lip balm – not scented, not colored. Lip scrub. Concealer. Lip pencil. Lipstick. Setting ... Read More »

Dark Lipstick in Summer – Yes!

If anyone tells you that you need to change your lipstick colors for summer and make them lighter and brighter and more fun don’t listen to them. Of course you can always add up something more spring-like or summer-like in your lipstick color collection. But don’t ditch that dark lipstick you love so much. I am all into dark reds, ... Read More »

Eye Makeup For Special Occasions

 Sometimes you need to go crazy with your look, you feel the urge of creating artistic and extraordinary designs, to use wild colors. Today I will show you a makeup design which is not appropriate for a walk in the park. In fact, this makeup will teach you how to make certain designs because it requires many techniques in it. ... Read More »

Black Can Be Summer Color Too

There is an unwritten rule that we have to wear black during the winter and bright color during the summer. Well, I want to wear a yellow coat when it is snowy and black vest when it is shiny. I have noticed that girls don’t obey to trends so passionately as they did before. The new trend is to create ... Read More »

Mermaid In Trouble

When I saw this nail art the first thing that came in my mind was a picture of mermaid captured in fish net. The colors remind me of the sea and the creatures in there. You can see that in the center of the nail there is a silhouette of a woman with long hair around her face. This nail ... Read More »

The Sky &The Sea

This nail art requires three shades of the blue color, one glitter nail polish, one white nail polish and one white, acrylic paint. But before the drawing, you have to prepare the canvas – file the nails. The almond or the oval shape is the best shapes for this nail art. You can see in the picture that the shape ... Read More »

Eyelashes Contour

You know that it is not allowed to apply any kind of makeup without checking the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes. I’m sorry, but if you want to look good, you have to consider the makeup design according to these factors. Well, unless you have almond eyes, this shape can handle all the designs, but ... Read More »