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How To: Smoky Eyeliner

You can find many tutorials for eyeliners, but all of them will teach you how to make the liner sharp and precise. Today I want you to get a little bit messier than usual, there is no need for a straight line. Just see the tutorial and if you find this makeup design interesting and beautiful, you can simply follow ... Read More »

Embrace The Bright Colors as a Summer Makeup

We have a few more weeks to enjoy the lovely summer weather. Let’s celebrate it with brightly colored makeup. If you keep scrolling, you will find a great tutorial for bright colored liner, which will make even the smallest size of eyes appear bigger and brighter. So, you will need these colors and tools: Kohl pencils in these colors – ... Read More »

How To Use a Spoon For a Complete Eye Makeup

Not every girl was born as a natural artist with instincts for drawing symmetrical lines and designs. You will say that there is no need to have such skills, but when you enter the world of the Makeup, you will face many difficulties and problems if you can’t draw a proper eyeliner. But actually, those you will say that the ... Read More »

Easy Guide For Eyebrows Shaping

I’m sure you are familiar with this huge trend of shaping and coloring brows. Some girls do it only because it is trendy, but other girls are obligated to do it, because they have literally no brows, or at least almost no brows on their faces. Sometimes the tail of the brow is too pale, or completely gone. Sometimes the ... Read More »

Homemade Chocolate Recipe

Ah, chocolate… probably the sweetest and most loved dessert all over the world. If a person mentions you that they do not like chocolate, you will just not believe your ears. It is like if somebody tells you that they do not like French fries. It is like a shock. There are foods that everybody just have to love. Well, ... Read More »

Many Pink Colors For One Feminine Lipstick Design

When you want to draw the attention to your lips with beautiful lipstick design, you must spend some time on preparing the skin of the lips for the lip products. See what I have in my mind about that: The preparation requires one basic technique – the exfoliation of the lips. But this basic technique requires two pre- and post- ... Read More »

Give Your Bangs an Extra Touch

Have you ever though of giving more attention to your bangs while stylizing the hair. For instance, you can make a simple bun or messy hairstyle, while putting the accent on your bangs, which will draw attention to your face and makeup (which automatically means that you should make a flawless makeup design). But first, let’s see how to make ... Read More »

Hairstyle For Viking Look

There is a huge trend among hairstyles these days – the braided buns. Today I want to show you a braided bun that is inspired by the Northern culture, and more specifically – the Vikings. There is a specific design of their hairstyles – twists, ropes and braids, and also, lifted designs of buns and chignons. Down below you will ... Read More »

Morning Solution For Your Messy Hair

We all know how frustrating it is to wake up in the morning with a messy and funny hair. It will take you a lot of time to wash the hair and to blow-dry it with the hair dryer, especially when you are in a hurry. Instead of this long-time-requiring procedure, you can do something else – a chic chignon. ... Read More »