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10 Seconds Top Knot

Some women have very thin hair which lacks volume, and this is not such a big problem if voluminous hair did not look much beautiful than the ones that lack volume. Well, if nature did not give you what you want, we say get it yourselves. There are special hairstyles that can hide, for example, the things your hair lacks. ... Read More »

The Best Tricks For Adding Volume To Your Hair

Everybody prefers to have big hair with a lot of volume, instead of oily and thin one. That is why there are a lot hair products that are especially created to add volume to your hair. Of course, if you just wash your hair with a product, the results will hardly be like those the girls on the hair ads ... Read More »

Twisted Tousled Updo

Start out on a fresh hair. Comb it in order to continue. Grab your straightening iron. Since it is a twisted updo there is nothing else you can do with it rather than curling your hair. Divide your hair in the middle into two sections. Then curl each one of them. Remember to use the same technique on the whole ... Read More »

Messy Technique – Beautiful Nails

Quite a lot of the most beautiful things in our lives come out of a mess. There are a few songs called a beautiful mess and I guess we can’t argue with them! Of course be sure that when you are making a mess you don’t ruin anything else LOL. This is something that not only applies to people’s communication, ... Read More »

A Glamorous Eye Make Up

Some occasions are more special then others. Things like New Years, your birthday, a gala, a party or just some event you are attending opt for more special clothing and make up. I kind of love those moments when I have to glam up, in the everyday life I usually wear jeans and shirts, some ankle boots or pumps from ... Read More »

The Best Tips For Beautiful Nails

If you want to know if a girl takes care of her beauty, look at her hands. If they are beautiful and soft, then she knows how to treat her body. And one of the most important parts of one’s hands are their nails. It is very important to have beautiful and strong nails, because this is one of the ... Read More »

Creative Bobby Pins Hairstyle

When you are thinking of making some kind of hairstyle, one of the first things that comes to your mind will probably be about the tools that you are going to use to make the hairstyle. But sometimes these tools can be more than the background of your hairstyle, they could be the essential part of the hairstyle. Just like ... Read More »

What is the Best Nail Extension Method?

Nails in the animal kingdom are used for hunting. In the human world, however, nails have completely different function already – they are one of the canvas on which women love to present their personalities, or use them just to be more pretty. Whatever the reasons for wanting to have beautiful manicure, a woman needs first to have strong and ... Read More »

Colorful Geometric Nails

Some people are all about symmetry. They want everything is their home to be decorated in an a special way: the more geometrically their furniture is, the better. And for all of you that are in love with these forms, or who just want to remember the careless school days when your teachers made you draw triangles on the board, ... Read More »

Natural Looking Curls In No Time

It is not uncommon for a woman to take care of the way she looks. There are some women who wake up an hour or two earlier just to have enough time to get their hair done. For example, to make her hair curly, a woman needs about an hour, an hour taken from her morning sleep. But why to ... Read More »