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Step-by-step Tutorial For Bold Eye Makeup

Every bold makeup requires good preparation of the lids and good background. The background includes the condition of the skin and the condition of the brows. This means that you will have to pay attention to the preparation before the application of the makeup products. You must shape and fill in the brows with color. This simple step will guarantee ... Read More »

Fake Fluffy Braid – Inside-Out

Not all girls can make fancy braids. Splitting your hair, or someone else’s hair is a skill that only a few girls are gifted with. Eventually, after several times of practice, you will be able to braid your hair with beautiful designs. But until then, you can use this simple trick for faking a braid. The only flaw of this ... Read More »

Hawk Bouffant For Tough Babes

There are romantic and ‘girly’ girls, but there are also tough chicks that listen to rock’n’roll, that wear leather pants and ride big motorcycles. These girls look like you shouldn’t mess with them no matter what. Today I want to show you how to create a hardcore hairstyle. That will make you look sexy, tough and crazy (and boys looove ... Read More »

How To Fake Perfect Nails

Sometimes your skin, hair and nails are not it the best possible condition. During these moments you should find a way to fix the condition or to hide it. The second option is recommended for emergency situations. Imagine this scenario: You are listening calmly to music, sitting on your couch, browsing the internet when your best friend calls you and ... Read More »

6 Steps For a Great Party Hairstyle

I’m sure you know which is my favorite hairstyle for a party look because I have talked about it many, many times, but today I will show it to you step by step, which will help you create it easily. Take a look at the steps, they are only 6, but first, you must go through the preparing procedure: The ... Read More »

Why the Being Single Actually is Amazing

Many people hate the idea of being single. And feel miserable. But it turns out that being single is not that bad (trust me, I know out of experience). At first it is hard to cope with the idea. And you think that it is a social suicide. But it turns out that it might be an amazing period of ... Read More »

What Kind Of Bras To Wear For Tricky Outfits

There are so many great outfits you can wear especially in the summer, that the only thing you could wish for is a bigger wardrobe where to store all of your clothing. You go shopping, you find a great top for the next time you are going clubbing, but… oh, no! It is too cropped! And you start wondering what ... Read More »

Special Tool For Spectacular Hairstyle

Have you ever met the Hook? This is a hair tool that will help you create the twisted ponytail easily and more precisely. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps if you want to create the same design: Some hairstyles need good preparation, which means that the condition and the texture of the hair must be appropriate ... Read More »

9 Steps to Prepare for a Puppy At Home

Create an area for the puppy Just like when you were a kid and you used to have a room, a puppy needs its own space. It can’t be just like a toy that is thrown from here to there. A puppy should have something like a bed and a place where its bowls stay, so that is knows its ... Read More »