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Trick For Clean Nail Cuticles

I love dark colors for my nails, but there is one small problem – the huge mess that I make while the application of the nail polish. I’m extremely bad at that task and you can imagine the extremely ugly cuticles, which are covered with dark nail polish. The whole manicure will look ugly and non-professional, like your 6 year ... Read More »

Winged Eyeshadow as a Party Makeup

Today I want to show you how to create a beautiful makeup design for your small eyes. It is intense, but the colors and the shapes of the makeup will create an illusion of bigger looking eye. I recommend this design for small, non-hooded lids. First, you have to gather the needed tools and products: A bend liner brush; Two ... Read More »

Check Out the Best Concealing Trick Ever

No matter what we do, how many beauty treatments we are going to go through, or how healthy our lifestyle is, we are always going to have some beauty problems. Probably there are some things about your body that you want to change or hide, and we are not talking about body structure, but some skin problems, for example, like ... Read More »

Girly Decoration For Your Fancy Bun

We all know that the hairstyle is one of the most important parts of a girl’s look. Every event requires particular type of hairstyle. Basically, the categories are two – formal and informal hairstyles. Today I want to show you how to create an extremely formal hairstyle, but we will make it feminine with one simple detail – ribbon. Take ... Read More »

Animated Eyeliner

Eyeliner is my most favorite thing ever. There is no way you can’t love it too. It is beautiful and goes for every occasion. Also it is a classic that I think it is really timeless! As I said I like the timeless eyeliner look. But from time to time I need to go out of that classical thing and ... Read More »

How to Fix That Broken Nail

Okay, let’s face it – there is nothing worst than broken nails. I hate it. First of all it hurts. Than it is not pretty at all. And add to that the fact that one broken nail can ruin your whole manicure at a point where your nails are finally long and beautiful. I was at that state until I ... Read More »

What Does Your Forehead Size Say About Your Personality?

Every person on this planet is different, even though there are a lot of people that look alike. Some have similar face features, others have identical hands (remember how Joey found his hand twin in “Friends”), and others have the same forehead type. You would not find anything strange in having similar forehead type as a lot of people out ... Read More »

Baby Bouffant With Waves

Women should treat their hair nicely. This means that we need it to look pretty at all times. Of course at to that taking the right care for it. But of course, why taking care of it, if you don’t plan on using it to be overly cute and sexy? Waves and curls are beautiful and always get the attention. ... Read More »

What do Your Eyebrows Say About You

As different eyes say different things about people so do their eyebrows. It is like without you knowing they talk. I know that the shape of the eyebrows can be changed with grooming and make up, but then you are the person who decides how should they look and this is why they kind of define you. I am sure ... Read More »

Tutorial For Your Eyeliner

Many girls find it extremely hard to put a flawless eyeliner on their lids. Fortunately, there are many tricks that will help us achieve the desired makeup design. Here are some of these tricks. You can choose the one that is most useful for you: The easiest way is to use a liner stencil. You can find it in any ... Read More »