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Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Nail art is something I am obsessed with. And how can any woman not be. There are thousands of designs to look through and get inspired by. The good thing about nail art is that there are many DIY techniques and tutorials, so any person can do a cool manicure at home, without needing that many tools or being an ... Read More »

The Best Way To Shape Your Brows

A lot of people who do not know much about makeup think that the most important techniques when applying makeup are the eye makeup techniques. But even if one knows how to do the most difficult and interesting one, they will need some help from the brows. Brows are the ones that frame the eye. When they are not accentuated ... Read More »

Light Brown Everyday Make Up

Start out by applying primer to the lid. This will give you a good base for applying eye shadow and any other eye make up for that matter. It will make it last longing and it will make smudging impossible. Grab a white or nude eye shadow. The effect later will be better with a white eye shadow, but a ... Read More »

Blue Pencil Eye Makeup

People are so used to applying black eye pencil on their eyes, that they cannot think of any other color for this purpose. However, if you want to try something new, and something that you would not normally do, or you would but you just never thought of it, then we suggest you to try this blue pencil eye makeup. ... Read More »

Smokey Eyes In Burgundy

Start with your main burgundy eyeshadow. You will need a narrow eyeshadow brush. Draw a line with the burgundy starting at the outer corner of the eye and going over the natural form of the crease (as shown on picture number 1). Make the line medium thick. Grab a fluffy brush and a nudeish eyeshadow. Apply the color over the ... Read More »

How To Know If It Is A Boy Or A Girl

New technologies nowadays have conquered our world and govern our world more than people do. Of course, this is metaphorically speaking, but you cannot really reject the fact that technologies take a huge part of people’s lives. But sometimes even they are impotent to the power of nature. There is not a better present from the nature that is greater ... Read More »

Make Your Lashes Huge With a Simple Trick

There are days when I just think that the life is way too unfair. You probably are wondering why? Well, one of the things that makes me think that is the fact that many man have lashes long and voluminous for days, whereas I have some tiny short lashes that are unnoticeable. And the thing is that many women see ... Read More »

How To Hide Tired Look With Eye Makeup

Everyone has a period in their life when the schedule is too busy and the time is too little. These stressful moments leave marks – lack of concentration, messy hair, gaining or losing weight, dark circles under the eyes, etc. The first thing you should do is to try to relax and to take a rest. But if you have ... Read More »