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7 Things Every Couple Needs to Try This Summer

Skinny-Dipping It is one of those vulnerable feelings that make you at the same time nervous and free. Not knowing if you will get caught and actually having the freedom of being naked in water that is not your own bath is so fulfilling that you won’t believe it until you experience it. Going somewhere to a lake or to ... Read More »

Crossed Half Updo

The hairstyle down below looks like a braid, but it doesn’t include any braids at all. In fact, the main tool of this hairstyle is the bobby pin. You will need a lot of them. So, let’s get started: First of all, prepare the condition of the hair. It has to be smooth, shiny and voluminous, which immediately eliminates the ... Read More »

The Burgers of This Summer

The summer is not really the season of burgers. At least in my mind. Because it is too hot and burgers seem to be too greasy at times. But if you really want to commit there are burgers you can make at home for yourself and probably at a garden party and enjoy, because they will be amazingly delicious. The ... Read More »

Boost Up Your Ponytail

Do you know that in the nature the male specimen is the handsome one, while the female one has a humble look. The explanation is quite simple – the male has the essential task to win the female one. She has to choose him, that’s why the male specimen must be covered in beautiful and colorful print – to impress ... Read More »

The Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Men think that women’s greatest wish is to find the perfect man who will be handsome, rich and smart, but the truth is that women’s biggest wish is to eat whatever they want and not to gain weight. Great bodies are not only needed when seducing the man of your dreams, but you also need it to feel good about ... Read More »

Why It Is So Important To Color Your Brows

First of all, look at the Before & After picture. Do you see why? If you are not convinced yet, keep reading! Your brows are framing your face, which means that they will either flatter your face, or make it look ugly, it all depends on you. You will say now that your brows are perfectly thick and the color ... Read More »

Party Look With This Gorgeous Makeup

We work hard, which must be followed by a lot of fun in order to lose the steam and the pressure that create stressful situations all week. And when Friday night is full of promises for a great time. So, call all your friends to come over and prepare your makeup together: Such a bold makeup design, must be prepared ... Read More »

How To Prevent Problems With Swollen Feet

High heels are great when it comes to beauty and elegance, but when we talk about comfort and the health of our feet, we should seriously consider whether these shoes are our best option. The problems with high heels sandals or flat sandals is even bigger, because they can not only make your swollen, but can also lead to other ... Read More »

The Most Amazing Private Islands Around the World

Nikoi Island The truth is that Nikoi island is located quite close to Singapore – under 100km from there. The island is just a piece of paradise – as you would imagine a private island will be. It has some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand and amazing coral reefs. Let’s not forget that the reefs are colorful ... Read More »

Summer French Twist

  There are many reasons to love the summer, for instance: Your body is getting thinner and tighter. Your skin is getting darker and cleaner. Your hair is getting lighter. Your nails are getting longer and stronger, because of the iodine and salty ocean (or sea) water. Your mood is getting better, because you have less responsibilities and because of ... Read More »