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Fishtail Pony Decoration

When you need to tie your hair into a ponytail, don’t be sad that your hair will look ordinary and the hair will be too simple. The greatness about the ponytails is that they can allow many types of decorations without looking too pompous. Today I want to show you how to make a simple ponytail look extremely fancy and ... Read More »

The Reasons Why Your Eyeliner Does Not Look Perfect

There are some makeup techniques that are essential for the way we look. Some of them are knowing how to apply mascara, concealer, bronzer, and eyeliner. In other words, these are the basics you need to know how to apply. You can do magic with only these makeup products, and sometimes you can work with only one or two of ... Read More »

Cultural Makeup Inspiration

There is one stunning and colorful holiday in Mexico, called Day of the Dead, when people and friends gather to pray for the souls of their family members and friends who have died. During this day, the people draw their faces into mask-like decorations called Sugar skulls. These decorations are perfect for another holiday – Halloween. I want to show ... Read More »

Red Lipstick Application Mastering Tutorial

Some girls think that they don’t look good with red lipstick on their lips. I’ll prove these girls wrong with this story: A close friend of mine has a dark colored skin and she thinks that any red lipstick looks bad on the background of her matte dark skin. I was telling her all the time that she just hadn’t ... Read More »

The Weirdest Things You Can Learn About Hair

All women love their hair. We all want it to look perfect and beautiful and want to make it look perfect and beautiful. Hair is different for everyone. We all have different color of hair and different hair cuts, styles and lengths. It is something that is connected to our likes and also it is something that shows our personality. ... Read More »

Kill the Flick with this Easy Trick

It’s difficult to draw the perfect cat-eye liner, because of many reasons: Trembling lid; Shaky hand; Uncomfortable grip; Inappropriate drawing tool; Not knowing the right technique; A beginner at applying makeup; Etc. I want to show you the most classical way to draw the perfect eyeliner. Take a look at the tutorial, follow the steps and take my tips. Here ... Read More »

Gorgeous Smoky Lids

If you are a party girl, then you attend a lot of parties, I’m sure of that. But if you attend a lot of parties, then eventually you will run out of ideas for your look – what to wear, how to stylize your hair, and even what type of makeup to put on your eyes. And then comes the ... Read More »

DIY Messy Ponytail

Sometimes even the simplest hairstyles need some attention. You know how sometimes you see a hairstyle in a magazine and you want to achieve the same look. Well, it is almost impossible. First of all, your hair is nothing like the hair of the model. I’m talking about hair type, hair texture, even hair color. Second of all, the hair ... Read More »

Colorful Eye Makeup

It doesn’t matter that it’s cold out there. It doesn’t matter that your mood is blue and grumpy. You can fix these feelings with a beautiful makeup. Admit it, sometimes when you go to a party, you don’t feel like going on that party at all, but when the time for the makeup and the hairstyle comes, the joyful mood ... Read More »