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Colorful Clouds For Your Nails

You can always fulfill your free time with some DIY manicure. Take a look at this one: Every manicure must start with a preparing procedure. If the shape of the nails isn’t appropriate for the decoration, you should file them. If the shape is appropriate, but the length of the nails is not even – you should file the nails ... Read More »

How To Fix Eyeliner Disaster

We are not all faultless. It is absolutely normal for the human nature to make mistakes. But this is not the problem at all. It will be a little bit disturbing if you don’t fix these mistakes. Let’s talk about simple stuff, like your makeup or hairstyle. I don’t want to talk about important issues and problems, because I will ... Read More »

Here is Why Massaging Your Feet Is So Important

One of the most popular ways of relaxation in the world is having a massage. It turns out to be that massaging one’s body is not only extremely relaxing, but it is also very healthy. The first thing that would come to your mind is that it is healthy, because it stimulates the blood flow. It warms up the human ... Read More »

Braided Bun For Elegant Look

The perfect way to hide greasy roots is to stylize the hair into sleek hairstyle. I recommend you this braided bun, because it is elegant, feminine and easy to be created on your own. It is elegant because it is a bun. It is feminine because it has floral decoration. It is easy because it doesn’t require any difficult techniques ... Read More »

Cheap And Easy Way For Beach Waves

There is one huge trend going on these days – rinsing your hair with coca-cola. Why people do it? It is believed that the coca-cola product will create amazon look, caused by beachy waves and roughly curled hair texture. It is also believed that it work only on thin hair, but the girl in the tutorial down below has strong, ... Read More »

Instant Natural Waves

There is one huge trend going on these days. All styles, designs and decorations must look natural. Today I will show you how to make natural looking curls. Take a look at the steps: The hair must be freshly washed., if it is not, and if the roots are greasy, you should absorb the grease with the help of the ... Read More »

Plump Eyebrow Texture

If you want to create a whole makeup design, you should start with the brows. Every makeup artist will tell you that the bold and well-shaped eyebrows are extremely important for good looking face. The eyebrows play one very specific and significant role of your facial makeup – they are the frame of your face. If you manage to shape ... Read More »

The Fastest Way to Make Your Hair Wavy

It almost feels like that when people have something important to do, they postpone it in time by doing some things that are not only not that important, but are even optional if people have to do them right now. For example, when a person has a lot of homework or a difficult exam coming up, they often would prefer ... Read More »

Grey Smokey Eye

With autumn the colors of our clothes change quite a lot. It is because of the different vibe of the season and also, because neons and solid colors like pink, orange or yellow are just the colors of the summer. The same applies for our make up too. While in the summer we apply peachy and pinkish bright lipsticks, now ... Read More »