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How To Create Fancy Hairstyle With Simple Braid

Take this advice from me: always push your boundaries and you will feel good and look good. Today I want to show you how to take your braiding skill to the next level – meet the four-strand braided tail. If you like what you see, just follow the steps one by one: Apply smoothing mousse to the hair. This little ... Read More »

Two Brushes For Flawless Brows

You must learn how to shape your eyebrows. Not because it is a trend, not because it is beautiful, but because you want it. Down below you will find a tutorial that will help you create the perfect, natural-looking texture of your brows. Take a look at the steps and the things you’ll need for the tutorial: Only two brushes ... Read More »

How To Get Your Eyelashes and Your Eyebrows Back

There are moments in our lives when we want to grow our lashes or our eyebrows faster. For example, you have accidentally plucked some hairs of your eyebrows and your overall appearance changes. Or you want to change the shape of your eyebrows completely, because you have realized that there was something not quite good with it, but you were ... Read More »

Bold Stroke For Bright Eyes

Forget about the black color for a moment. Let’s pay attention to the brown and blue colors, and let’s apply them on bright colored eyes, for instance light blue colored. Make sure you have these tools and colors: Round brush; Primer; Brow kit; Brown soft eye pencil; Dark blue eyeshadow; Smaller round brush; Nude colored eye pencil; Mascara; Black eye ... Read More »

Chignon: Simple But Elegant

Every occasion requires proper look. Some occasions don’t require fancy look, but others do, that’s why you must choose the right design to match your look with the event. Today I want to show you how to create an elegant chignon. Don’t worry about your skills, the technique is extremely easy and you will handle it all by yourself. Take ... Read More »

Why Do You Get Acne And How To Fight It

Many people think that the only people that have acne are teenagers, but this is not exactly true. Adults also have acne. Since acne is a condition that appears on the skin it is normal to think that a person with acne have some skin problems. In teenage years, when ones hormones go crazy, skin is the main body organ ... Read More »

How To: Blue Night Makeup Design

When the night comes, and the mood rise, you must do one simple thing: get ready for the party while listening loud music at home. This is the best way to boost up your mood even more. And when you see the makeup design down below, you will feel the need to go out and dance the night away while ... Read More »

Simple Idea For Beautiful Hairstyle

Every hairstyle need good preparation. You should start with the step that will create the proper texture of the hair for the particular hairstyle. For this hairstyle you must create curly ends and fluffy top. You will need both curling iron and flat iron in order to achieve the wanted texture. First, apply thermal protector all over the hair. This ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever really think about how you choose your lip color? What most women do when they choose a lipstick is to get the one that it appeals them the most. And even if they like how it looks it sometimes just do not look so good on their lips. And they have just spent their money in vain, ... Read More »

Liner Trick For Bigger Looking Eyes

Many girls have one, seemingly insignificant, but definitely annoying problem – they have small eyes. This problem is not noticeable when the eyes are not covered with makeup, but if you put some kind of dark colors on your eyes they will shrink immediately. So, my idea is to show you how to apply black liner without shrinking the size ... Read More »