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The Different Ombre Lips – Purple Edition

The ombre trend was a huge hit last year in the hairstyles. This year, even if less women count on this particular hairstyle ombre is still not forgotten. It has only moved from the hair trends to the nail and lip trends. And what exactly does “ombre lip trend” mean? It means that some part of the lips is lighter ... Read More »

What Eyeshadow Color Suits Your Eye Color the Most

Whatever your eye color is, you should know that your eye are beautiful. There is just not a single eye color in the world that is not gorgeous. Some people who have brown eyes, for example, are so much in love with the blue eyes that they do not hesitate to change their eye color. But if nature has decided ... Read More »

Bronzed Bedroom Eyes

Start out on a bare eye. Grab a pencil that is a color between brownish and goldish. Draw a thick line on your lid, as close to the lashline as possible. Start at the inner corner and work your way to the outer by thickening the line. After you are done with step one on both eyes, don’t leave the ... Read More »

The Red Ombre Lip

Ombre has been fashionable for quite sometime now. It has been in our hair, clothes and now make up! Although it seem like it is more suitable for an eye look, it turns out that ombre lips are a thing and they are gorgeous. People are wearing ombre lips in many different colors and that is amazing. Red is the ... Read More »

How to Stop That Pain While Being Waxed

Let’s all be honest now – waxing hurts. No matter how long you have been doing it or what part of the body is it done on – it hurts. All women go trough with it though. It is one of those inevitable things, that you can’t do anything about it. But do you know what, it turns out that ... Read More »

DIY Elegant Wedding Updo

Weddings are not only a symbol of love and unity of two people, there are also that time when a person gets a chance to dress more elegantly and escape from their everyday style. And not only to dress the part, but also to have a nice hairstyle that they would complement the look. There are a lot of hairstyles ... Read More »

Boost Up Your Femininity

When we talk about femininity, the first things that may pop in one’s mind are the ones that are completely connected to women. In other words, the things that women have, but men do not. And what is that thing that women want big, while men stare with their mouths open, especially if they are big? Of course, we are ... Read More »

The Perfect High Ponytail

There are many different hairstyles a woman can make for herself at home. And than god for that, because either way we will be going crazy. Having a lot of options is like our many lady thing. There are so many things you can do that it becomes a craziness at some point. But thankfully there are the simple things ... Read More »

Creative Nail Art Trick

Nail art is huge nowadays. There are much more things you can do on your nails than on your eyes, for example. If a person has only two eyes with two eyelids where makeup art could be created, they have 10 fingers with 10 nails, where they can set free their imagination and create something unique and interesting. Whole pictures ... Read More »