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DIY Elegant Bun with Elastic Net

How many times have there been special occasions you had to go to, like weddings, special birthday parties, or company events, and did not know what hairstyle to choose for them? Women do not like having one and the same look, especially when we talk special events. And that is why they go to see a stylist, who will help ... Read More »

How are Your Fingers Connected to Your Emotions?

Why do some people suffer from some kind of diseases, while others do not? So, say it is a destiny, while others say that a human’s health is connected to our emotions. If we feel bad, sad, or angry, we are more likely to suffer from diseases, compared to people who are positive and always try to find the good ... Read More »

Makeup Inspired By Disney

Halloween gets closer and closer with every single day, and if you haven’t decided yet what kind of costume you will make, then you should get worried right now! I’m just kidding, don’t worry about your costume, you can always find an idea to inspire you, which will lead to the best possible costume for the Halloween party. Some people ... Read More »

Pastel Color For Your Eyes

The best color for brown eyes is the green one, or at least that’s my opinion. I have brown eyes and I rarely put a color that is different from the green eyeshadow. I found a new shade of the green color – the pastel shade. You know that PANTONE® is the world authority on color and the best provider ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Laminate at Home

Women love their hairs, because in a lot of ways there are symbol of their sexuality and femininity. That is why it is very hard for some women when they have to cut their hair. But if we have to be honest, it is not only important to have long hair, but its condition is also important. If it is ... Read More »

Let’s Talk About Eyebrows

When I see a girl on the street with ugly eyebrows, I definitely assume that she is scruffy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about one or two unplucked hairs. When I say the brows are ugly, I mean that they are not shaped well. The eyebrow shaping procedure must be precise. There are many things that you ... Read More »

Makeup Design With a Favorite Lipstick

One of the most preferable colors for lips is the pink one. Every single woman (that applies makeup on her face), have at least one pink color in her collection. Did you know that the pink color can be used for the whole facial makeup. I want to show you how to do it, take a look: You will need ... Read More »

Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Some people claim that there is no magic left in the world. In the past, there were a lot of magicians whose tricks left their spectators speechless. They actually believed this tricks to be true. In fact, there was nothing magical in what they did, except the fact that they managed to fool the public, and that they were so ... Read More »

Contrasting Eyeliner

Every girl reaches an age when she starts to put makeup on her face. Usually, that age is around 13-14 years old. I think it is unnecessary to start to put makeup on your face on such an early age mostly because your skin is soft and gentle enough to look good when it it’s not covered with foundation and ... Read More »

Contour Manicure

There are three important features of your appearance when you want to impress your business partners – eyes, lips and hands. When you talk to people, they pay attention to your eyes and lips, because the eye contact is extremely important for serious conversations, and the lips are mostly noticed because you talk and other people feel more comfortable when ... Read More »