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Over-The-Night Curls

We love curls. Long, curly hair is like a dream for me, because I have thin and straight hair, which mean that the curling iron is not an option for me. Every time I use it, I can’t restore it for weeks. That’s why I like to use the over-night technique – it is heatless and the curls last much ... Read More »

The Perfect Tool For Flawless Flick

The cat-eye liner is part of almost every makeup design, which means that you must learn how to make this design properly. The following tutorial will show you the universal technique for eyeliner application. Take a look at the steps and let’s follow them together one by one in order to get the desired result. Here we go: Usually, the ... Read More »

Your Eyelids Reveal Your Character

As there are a lot of bodily parts which reveal a thing or two about a person’s character, especially if we talk about face features. For example, you can reveal a person’s personality judging from the shape of their nose, or from the size of their lips. If that person has more protruding lips, then it would mean that there ... Read More »

Celebrity Makeup Inspiration

Everyone has a favorite celebrity to love and to use as a an example and motivation for success. Even the celebrities have favorite other celebrities. For instance, Sofia Vergara, you know her mainly from the Modern Family TV series, had a huge crush on Joe Manganiello, who is known from the Magic Mike movies (yes, yes, I know, you just ... Read More »

Trendy Ponytail

Who says that the ponytail hairstyle is boring hairstyle. No! It is not and I will prove it to you with this outstanding ponytail design. Take a look at the picture down below and you will see how elegant and sophisticated a ponytail can be. Here we go: The condition of the hair is extremely important for this kind of ... Read More »

Natural Remedies that Will Help You Get Rid of White Hair

Many people think that grey or white hair appears once you are old enough to be someone’s grandparent. Well, unfortunately, this is not exactly so. Of course, grey hair is connected to the passage of time – the older you get, the whiter your hair turns. This is the main reason why people have grey hair, but not the only ... Read More »

7 Steps to Apply Red Lipstick

The red lipstick is the easiest way to show your white teeth. Let me show you how to apply the red lipstick properly. Take a look at the steps: Prepare the lips with a concealer. Every dark lipstick requires good base and background in order to look well defined with sharp edges. Apply the concealer all over, including the outer ... Read More »

Alternative Tool For Your Curls

We all want the one thing that we can’t have. Longer and stronger nails, bigger booty, smaller booty, bigger lips, longer lashes, curly hair, straight hair, and so on, and so on … So, if you are a girl with straight hair, but you want to create a flirty look with curly texture, you should try this technique. You will ... Read More »

Step-by-Step Eyebrow Tutorial

Shaping your brows is not just a trend, it is a necessary makeup application if you like to put heavy makeup designs on your face, such as contouring, dark smoky eye makeup and dark lipstick colors. If you skip shaping your brows while wearing a lot of coverage makeup products, they will disappear visually, the easiest way to see the ... Read More »