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Beach Twists – Your New Summer Hairstyle

    Hey, hey! Do you hear this? The waves of the beach and your next summer holiday are just around the corner! You pack your flip flops, you take your favourite outfits, grab your most stylish bathing suit and pick that lovely summer hat. Yet, your bag seems to be lacking space and that’s when you start to panic ... Read More »

Flawless Eyeliner Flick for People with Hooded Eyes

  When it comes to makeup, we all have our individual gripes and frustrations. But for a large group of women out there, there is a particular issue that unites us: how to create a flawless eyeliner flick for hooded eyes. Well, we know how much you struggle to figure out how to apply makeup to hooded eyes simply because ... Read More »

Cute Pull through Braid for Shorter Hair

  Braids can help complete your look for any style. Not a great braider? No problem! It turns out a lot of those big, voluminous braids taking over your Instagram feed are actually created with a series of ponytails. If you are eager to learn how to recreate this pull through braid for shorter hair, then keep on reading! This ... Read More »

Fashion Rules Every Lady Needs to Know

Fashion has always been a huge part in a woman’s life. There are women who do not take it that seriously but still want to look at their best. And if we have to be honest, fashion helps a lot for this. And even if a person does not follow fashion trends completely and is not that much into fashion, ... Read More »

Women’s Biggest Fears and How to Deal with Them

  Everybody has some fear and this is absolutely normal. Otherwise we would not be humans if we did not have fears. Sometimes, however, our fears are so big that they interfere with the way one leads their life. And when this happens, this is a sign that it is time for a person to find a way to deal ... Read More »

Fun and Relaxing Activities for The Spring

Nowadays people work a lot. They go to work, come back home tired, have dinner, and then fall asleep. And every day is the same. Hardly anything changes and life passes by people without they even noticing it. That is why a person needs to remind themselves that life is not only about working. Sometimes a thing that is small ... Read More »

The Perfect Ombré Powder Eyebrows

  Perfectly contoured bushy eyebrows can totally change the expression of your face, making you look more dramatic, sensual and memorable. However, could ombré be the secret to perfect brows? The process involves using two different shades of brown – a light and a medium brown powder – to create a subtle, multi-dimensional effect that adds instant depth to thin ... Read More »

Find out Which Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

  Nowadays people go to the gym more often than they go out with friends or visit their parents. This way of living has turned into one that is not only a healthy one, but also a fashionable one. There are many people who still seem not to know how to properly attend the gym. They need to be reminded ... Read More »

Great Gift Ideas for Your Sister’s Birthday

  It is said that people who have sisters are blessed. This is mainly because you have someone to rely on, someone to be your second mother, and someone you can share your dirty secrets with without feeling that awkward. In other words, your sister can always help you. To celebrate the fact that there are sisters in our lives, ... Read More »