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3 Types of Exercises that are Bad for Your Skin

  We are all used to hearing that sports are good for a person’s health. People are encouraged to do physical exercises daily because this way they will keep their weight under control and they will stay healthy and strong. Another reason to do exercises is to keep one’s skin strong and elastic. However, not all kinds of exercises are ... Read More »

Best Contouring Makeup Trick to Hide Tiredness

  It is a well know fact that when we are tired, we look much older than we actually are. It is like everything is on display – puffed eyes, black lines and strange shades on the face. It is so much to do that in many cases tiredness is inevitable and it is shown on the face. Sometimes we ... Read More »

Define Your Brows like a Pro

  There are makeup tricks that can help you to look like a celebrity. Any makeup artist would tell that the first and most important trick is to not be afraid of experimenting with the way you look. However, when it comes to defining your brows – there are no two ways to do it right. You need to know ... Read More »

What Your Favorite Wild Animal Says about Your Personality

  You probably know that there is a reason to like certain things. Some people like chocolate, others prefer junk food, some are introverts and others – extroverts. The good thing is that people are different. It would be really dreadful if everybody was the same, wouldn’t it? Today we decided to turn our attention to people’s different personalities. Are ... Read More »

Perfect ‘Puppy Eyes’ In 6 Simple Steps

    The puppy eye, opposite of the beloved cat eye, is designed to make your eyes look sweeter, rounder and bigger. Instead of a flick upwards, the eyeliner extends downwards following the eye’s natural slope. So rather than that lifted, come-hither effect of a cat eye, the puppy eye is all about cute, cute, cute! If you want to ... Read More »

Half-up Half-down Roses Hairstyle

  Whether you’re in a wedding, going to a garden party or you just want to celebrate spring and summer, a flower crown is a beautiful way to make the most of the season’s fresh blossoms. In fact, half-up half-down hairstyle is a great way to adopt the flower wearing trend the spring months. It looks best on rough, undone ... Read More »

Cat Eye Flick In No Time

    The cat eyeliner flick is ever fashionable as it delivers a sultry, flattering appearance to your eyes even when the rest of your makeup remains low key. The cat eye liner look has been quite a rage in the makeup world yet many find it merely impossible to recreate. Not necessarily, this tutorial will show you how it ... Read More »

Top Fashion Mistakes You Must Never Make

  There are a lot of women who spend a fortune on new clothes and fashion accessories every month. They buy so many things that one would think they are fashion icons. Well, this is not always the case. Some people may buy a lot of fashion items regularly, but this does not mean their style is a perfect one. ... Read More »

Face Mask for Imperfections

  Pollution and stress are just two of the factors that make your skin sensitive to imperfections like pimples, dilated pores, and excess sebum. Whatever the reason, we all know how unpleasant imperfections can be. . It is important to treat acne-prone or blemish-prone skin in order to minimise its effects. Certain natural products can, as much as is realistically ... Read More »

Sohee’s Eyeliner for Single Eyelids

  Cat eye eyeliners are so out of style this season! To be honest, they are seen all over the internet, on red carpet events and even at school. If you are one of those girls who wish to stand out with something unique, then why don’t you try the Sohee’s eyeliner for single eyelids – perfect for almond eyes! ... Read More »