Asian Festivals to Visit in August
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Asian Festivals to Visit in August


A lot of people think that relaxing in the summer involves lying on the beach and getting some suntan and that is how they want to spend their summer vacation. Other people prefer to be more active and to visit some places of interest. And sometimes you could have best of both worlds.

Today we have prepared for you a list of festivals that take place in August. The thing that connects the festivals is the place where they are taken – Asia. Asia is the largest continent in the world and it has interesting culture and traditions that western countries may find quite exotic and unusual but very interesting.

If you are also interested in these people’s culture and belief you may visit these festivals in August in case you not only want to relax, but also to learn something new, to meet new people, and to spend some really great time. So, here are the festivals we listed for you!

#1 Tooth Festival, Sri Lanka

Surely, the name of this festival sounds a bit strange and quite interesting to you. Probably the first thoughts of some of you were of the Tooth Fairy but in fact the festival has nothing to do with it. It is actually connected to Buddhism.

The legend has it that one of Buddha’s followers took a tooth from the pyre on which Buddha was cremated. After that the same person smuggled the tooth into Sri Lanka. This happened in the 5th century BC.

The people of Sri Lanka are very proud to have such an honorable relic that they celebrate it for 10 days in August with a lot of lights, colors, and costumes. There is a parade in Kandy, which is known as the religious center of Sri Lanka.

There are processions, dances, a lot of performers and an elephant leading the parade. As you probably know, elephants are sacred animals to the Buddhist religion. If you are curious to learn more about the culture, beliefs, and habits of the people in Sri Lanka, then this is the right time of the year to visit the country.

#2 Seven Sisters Festival, Hong Kong

From Sri Lanka we move on to another country again in Asia – Hong Kong, China. The festival is held on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. As you can guess from the name of the festival and the date, the number 7 has a huge significance and the festival is mainly connected to women.

Seven Sisters Festival is very similar to Valentine’s Day and what is more interesting about it is that it dates before the Christian holiday. Single ladies in Hong Kong gather on the streets to show some domestic talent they have, like embroideries, in order to impress some single guy and to find a husband.

Having a respected family is very important in Asian culture in general and becoming a spinster is usually frowned on although there are already some campaigns in favor of not being obliged to marry.  As a whole, the festival is a great reason to learn some more about the culture of the region and to get to know their traditions and customs better.

#3 Shoton Festival, Tibet

The next festival in the list is Shoton and it is a Tibetan holiday. It is celebrated on the 30th day of the 6th Tibetan month. Tibetan people are very spiritual and one of the main images of the country around the world is connected to its monks. And the festival itself is about the monks. This is the time when the Tibetan monks end their season of meditation.

This significant event in the country is celebrated by easting yogurt. The place you need to be during the festival is the Summer Palace which is the former residence of Dalai Lama. The festival continues with opera singing with some of the best Tibetan performers and singers.

#4 The Hungry Ghost Festival, Malaysia and Singapore

The name of the festival, I have to admit, is very interesting and now you are going to find out what it means. First of all, the festival is celebrated by Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore who have their belief in the afterlife.

They believe that during the 7th lunar month (August) the gates of the Hell are opened and the ghosts of the dead come back to earth. To appease the ghosts, people offer food and burn money.

There are huge bonfires and tables full of different kinds of food. People also light candles and leave flowers. The festival is a good reason to visit these places in August and to learn more about their culture and beliefs.

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