Adorable Ladybug Nail Art Manicure

Adorable Ladybug Nail Art Manicure


If you are looking for a unique manicure for the hot summer days, then you’ve come to the right place! This tutorial will give you step-by-step guidance on how to create an adorable ladybug nail art manicure – one of the nature’s cutest insect designs! You will need a file, base nail polish, top coat, stripping tape, regular duct tape, dark red polish and black colour nail polish. Now grab the tools required for this tutorial and start following the steps below!

Step 1: File your nails into the desired square shape. File from the outside of the nail towards the centre, creating a slightly curved edge that meets two flat sides. Try not to apply too much pressure on your nails as this may cause damage or breakage. Once you’ve given your nails a nice, regular shape, apply the recommended clear base nail polish and let it dry for a few minutes. It will protect your nails from cracking and it will help your manicure to last longer. Then, apply two to three coats of the base red nail polish over your nails and allow enough time for the layers to dry completely.

Step 2: As shown on the picture, apply the stripping tape over your nails along with the small pieces of the duct tape.

Step 3: Use your black nail polish to paint over the tape, just in the centre of your nail.

Step 4: Gently peel off the tape to reveal your ladybug manicure. Repeat these steps on your other nails as well. Once you are ready, clean up the skin around your nails with a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 5: Once the nails are completely dry, apply the clear top coat to your nails. To achieve a long-lasting manicure, add a topcoat onto your nails daily to protect your ladybug nail art from chipping and cracking.

You can stop here if you like your nail art the way it is — continue on if you’d like to add more decoration. For example, you may consider adding small black dots for the ladybug’s wings. You can always use your imagination!


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