A Travel Guide to Sri Lanka – Essential Things a Tourist Should Know
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A Travel Guide to Sri Lanka – Essential Things a Tourist Should Know


There are certain exotic places we have only heard of but do not know much about. There are some countries which people do not know where exactly they are but want to visit. Surely the best way to learn a lot about a certain country is through visiting it.

This, however, does not mean that one should visit a certain country absolutely unaware of its customs and culture. The more you learn about it beforehand, the more pleasant your stay there will be.

To help you in this task, we have prepared for you a short but essential travel guide to make your stay at a particular country better. Here is our short travel guide for Sri Lanka.

#1 Geography

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean close to the south coast of India. It is normal that this close distance between Sri Lanka and India to have influenced on the each one of them, especially Sri Lanka.

#2 Essentials

The first thing you need to have in mind before visiting any foreign country around the world is the currency it uses, whether you are going to need any vaccines beforehand, and the personal documents you are going to need to visit the country.


The currency is Sri Lanka rupee, similar to the Indian currency – rupee. It is best to change all the money needed for your stay there and you can also bring some US dollars with you. Some people would be glad to accept them.


Traveling is fun, but it can often bring some kind of health problems to the traveler because of the change of setting and the different climate. There are also viruses and different types of diseases one needs to have immunization for.

When it comes to Sri Lanka, a foreigner should have quite a few shots – Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid shot, and Japanese Encephalitis. Some of them are also required before visiting other Asian countries as well.


Last, but certainly not least, you need to prepare apart from an overseas passport a visa as well. Do not worry if the preparations take more time and efforts than you consider appropriate because the whole experience in this beautiful country will surely a great prize.

#3 When to go

Another important thing a traveler should always consider is the season during which to visit the country. As you probably guess, there is no winter there since it is so close to the Equator but this does not mean that any time of the year is suitable.

The current period, from December to March, is actually one of the best ones because there are hardly any rains and the weather is sunny and hot. This, however, means that there are plenty of other people who have also decided to visit the country.

If you do not want to get surrounded by crowds, maybe you could wait for the high period to end and to go there during the low season – from May to August.

#4 Etiquette

The next thing you should know before visiting any country around the world is the local etiquette. There could be some unwritten rules about how to dress and how to act around the locals. And there is such when it comes to Sri Lanka.

Dress code

When it comes to clothing, women are better off wearing clothes that reveal too much of their body. Cropped tops, bare thighs, and breasts popping up are surely not well accepted on the island. Tourists are also advised to wear loose clothes, like loose pants and loose tops, in respect of the culture and merging with the locals.


Tipping is becoming more and more popular all over the world lately and it even seems as a rule already. In Sri Lanka the tipping percentage is 10% of the bill. It is usually given to tour guides, waiters and bartenders. As for the taxi drivers, do not get surprised if they round up the bill, it is a common practice in general.

#5 Precautions

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place, but it could be very dangerous to some unsuspecting tourists. There are a lot of poor people who are willing to take advantage of a tourist’s kindness and to rob them blindly. That is why tourists should not bring too much valuables with them to Sri Lanka, let alone to show them around.

Make sure you do not attract attention and also do not give money to beggars. If they see that you have some money, they could easily follow you and rob you. The more you try to keep a low profile, the better it will be for you and your stay in the country.


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