9 Things You Should Do Every Night Before Going to Bed
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9 Things You Should Do Every Night Before Going to Bed

The fast and unhealthy lives people all over the world are having works against their beauty and health. If you want to escape this bad way of living you need to establish some health and beauty habits to follow. This way you will not only feel good, healthy and energetic, but it would also seem effortless to you.

One of the best ways to make sure you are relaxed and well-rested every day is to do some things before going to bed to stimulate your body to get enough of the sleep it need. So, you can start with these simple things you should do before going to bed.

#1 No coffee after 7 pm

It is very important not to drink coffee in the evening, because it will irritate your nervous system in a way and you will not be able to get your beauty sleep. Even if you need to stay up late you need to avoid drinking coffee, because you will still feel sleepy, but not be able to fall asleep. A better way to stimulate your energy if you need to stay up is to drink water.

#2 Make a list of things you need to do the next day

If you need to begin your next day with a ready to-do list, just write down all the things you have to do on the next day. This way you will not miss anything and you will have all structured and waiting for you when you wake up. This will work as your stimulation to do all the things quickly that day.

#3 Have a shower

Many people prefer having a shower in the morning, so they can wake up, but actually the better thing to do is to have a shower before going to sleep. In the morning people often feel sleepy and a cold shower can make them feel not only awake, but also cold due to the sleepiness of the body. If you have your shower before going to bed, you will feel warm and clean which will stimulate your good night sleep. Also, you will not have to worry about being late for work.

#4 Cook breakfast

Or you can at least help yourself with some of the breakfast preparations if you want to have it fresh and hot. If you are making some kind of toasts or sandwiches, make them and then put them in a plastic vacuum bag to extract the air and to keep it fresh for the morning. If you have to cook something, prep your products, wash them, cut them, and in the morning you will only have to cook them. This way you will save much of your morning time and energy.

#5 Choose your outfit for the next day

How many times have you been in a hurry before going to work, because you were not able to organize your time well? Get your 5-minute more sleep by choosing your daily outfit before going to bed. This way you will have enough time to think about possible ideas and to actually wear something you have forgotten about.

#6 Read

One of the best ways to stimulate your brain to fall asleep is to read before bedtime. This way you will not only be involved in some brain activities which are very important in stimulating your brain, but you will also exhaust it, which will mean that you will fall asleep easily and soundly.

#7 Do not use any electronics

If you want to have a rally good night sleep, you should not use any kinds of electronic devices before going to sleep. The best thing to do is to avoid using them at least one hour before going to sleep, but since we know that a lot of people are too much attached to all kinds of electronics, avoid them at least right before going to bed. For example, do not watch TV or chat on your computer while in bed, falling asleep. The light from the electronic devices irritates your eyes and they will be not able to fully relax.

#8 Tidy up your bedroom

If you want to feel relaxed or to calm yourself before going to sleep, tidy up your room a little. This will make you feel better knowing that your room is clean, but also the very activity of tidying stimulates your brain to relax and to feel better. So, put some of your things away and sweep up tonight.

#9 Spray some lavender perfume on your pillow

You may have noticed some hotels leaving lavenders on their guests’ pillows. Sure, it looks good, but this is not the only reason they do it. The smell of lavender has a soothing effect, that is why if you want to have a good night sleep spray some lavender perfume on your pillow, so you can smell it all night and be able to sleep tight.

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