9 Things That the Fast Food Chains Don’t Want You to Know

9 Things That the Fast Food Chains Don’t Want You to Know

  1. You know those delicious burgers and meat loafs that are grilled? One of the things that makes them look more delicious and even make them so are the lines from the grill. I am sure you are already picturing it and wanting to eat exactly that. But then do you know that most of that meat is not usually even done on grill. Now you are wondering how could that be possible. Well, the truth is that most of those lines are actually drawn on the food fabricator. I guess it is good to rethink eating that again.

  2. When ordering in some menus you can see two types of fries. One of them are the fresh hand cut french fries. The other type are the frozen ones. And if the fast food chain s were actually honest about the things they give to eat, they would have admitted that they don’t really serve fresh french fries. No matter if you order them in a menu or whatever. All the fries in those chains are the same and come from one place – frozen bags.

  3. Sometimes when in one of those most famous food chains we decide that we don’t want to eat the calorie infused burgers and fries. And we make the mistake to order a salad. Although the salads are marketed as fresh and healthy they actually hold thousands of calories. Most of them have a sauce added that often happens to have more calories than actually a burger with fries on the side. So skip that salad.

  4. Health inspections at those places are a must. And recent mass inspections found that in some of the machines that provide us with soft drink there were signs of faeces. I know that sounds scary and I was also about to puke when I found out about that. And I am NEVER ever drinking again from those machines. Better to pay the extra dollar but make a safe bet on a bottle of Coca-Cola.

  5. We are all allured by those amazingly tasteful looking images or burgers, fries and whatever else is there on the menu. And sometimes that is why we go into a fast food restaurant. Then we order the so deliciously looking product just to find out that it looks nothing like the one on the picture. It is smaller and somehow the colors aren’t as great. Do you know why? The food photography almost always uses models for the pictures that are plastic and have nothing to do with real food. They are professionally made and drawn in such a way that they catch your attention and make you want to buy the burger.

  6. In most of those fast food chains employees are taught that the food is always okay – this is a way to save money, you know. And now you are wondering what does always okay mean? Well, it means that no matter if it burns, falls down on the floor or someone touches it with dirty hands, the food is ‘okay’ and can be served to some client. And this client as well might just be you.

  7. Sometimes there is food left at the end of the day. And normal restaurants just throw that away or donate it to the homeless or to some shelters for people or even animals. Because how can one throw away perfectly good cooked food. But remember this – normal and expensive restaurants never serve food from the previous day. I can’t though say that much for the fast food places. Anything left at the end of the day goes to the fridge. On the next morning it is just warmed up and served.

  8. I am a girl who loves her milkshake. And since I knew that the soft drinks were served from those unclean machines I though that the solution was to drink other things. So I started drinking milkshakes every time I visited a fast food chain. And then what did I find out? They are not okay. Although we are lied to, by being said to that the shake is a milk one it is anything but that. The milkshakes are made from chemicals that are a dusty product that is just mixed with water. They don’t put any milk, neither fruits or ice-cream in that thing.

  9. Kids love those menus made especially for them. They usually have a burger, fries, a juice, a small dessert and a toy. And yes that is fund and cool for a kid. But if are a parent who loves their kid you probably should never ever give to a kid that. Although those foods do not taste like sugar, they are crazy like infused with. Because sugar makes children want more. And they put so much in it that at some point those kids get addicted, because the sugar is something that you can have a big addiction to. Don’t you wonder next time your kid wants more and more from those fast food children menus.

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