9 Steps to Prepare for a Puppy At Home

9 Steps to Prepare for a Puppy At Home

  1. Create an area for the puppy

    Just like when you were a kid and you used to have a room, a puppy needs its own space. It can’t be just like a toy that is thrown from here to there. A puppy should have something like a bed and a place where its bowls stay, so that is knows its place.

    Most people use rooms like the kitchen, the den or the laundry room. But it is all up to. Depending on what you feel comfortable with and how does your house look. It is important to have an area for the puppy, so that it knows what and where to explore. This way it will learn where it is allowed to go. And with an area for the puppy it will be way easier for you to clean up.

  2. Puppy-proof

    It is kind of the same thing like with the babies. You have to remove all wires, because baby dogs like to chew on them and that is not okay.

    Also remove ornaments that your dog can run into. Sharp stuff is your puppies biggest enemy. So remove anything sharp.

    Other than sharp stuff you should be careful for poisons, preparations or medicine, that the little one can drink from, because this can be very dangerous.

  3. Prepare your puppy substitutes for chewing

    As I already mentioned a puppy might just chew on your cables. In order for it not to chew away everything in your home, you should prepare things that are suitable for it to chew on. And believe me, it is not its fault. It is like a baby – it needs to scratch its teeth.

    Things to be chewed by a dog can be easily found and bought in a pet store. You should have more than one thing prepared for it to chew on. Because like people, dogs get bored with the same stuff and it might get to your home not the chewing toys.

  4. Get a collar and a leash

    A dog can be watched anywhere or be taken out without a collar and a leash. It is just something you have to do that it is part of the process of taking care of a dog.

    Since it is a small puppy you should probably go for some of the smallest sizes for collar and then just choose the leach you like accordingly. Those things change through time, so don’t waste too much money or time on it. It also should be bought in a pet store.

    Depending on what the breed of the dog is you should consult on both the type of the collar and leash. But remember the collar should be strong and suitable.

  5. Get the right dog shampoo

    At some point you will have to bath your dog. And it will be at the same time funny and a hard process. The first bath will probably be craziness. But with time you will learn how to it and get better with it.

    In order to take a shower of a dog you MUST have the right dog shampoo for it. First of all it has a lot of hair that needs good care and then it needs something that doesn’t dry out its skin. Dogs naturally have dry skin and the wrong shampoo might harm them. So go to a pet store or ask your vet, what should you get. And then use only that for your puppy.

  6. Buy the right brush

    Different breeds have different fur type. And the fur is something you most definitely should take daily care of.

    The good fur is fur without knots and mats. And that can be done only by having the right brush for the fur of the dog. Again, you should advise yourself with a vet or in the pet store. But know you need a brush that eliminates the knots and mats. And then another one you use after, so that the dog has shiny fur.

  7. Get high quality food

    Like you will feed a baby, you should feed a baby god. Only with the best! This is because it is still a baby and its tummy isn’t used to awful food.

    When choosing and purchasing it is not about the brand rather than quality. Most of the common and known brands, don’t actually offer good dog food. Here it is not advisable but it is a MUST to talk with your vet. He will best know what you must buy and also you can try a few different types and see what your puppy adjust to the best.

  8. Get two bowls

    A dog can’t live without its food and water. And in order for it to be comfortable and for you too, you should get it two bowls.

    Your bowls should be sized differently. A bigger one for water. And it is good for it not to be plastic. And then another one for food. It can be a little smaller. And it is kind of okay if it is plastic, but it is not preferable.

    Remember to wash all of your dogs bowls every day and change the water and uneaten food!

  9. Get bedding

    As no person sleeps on the floor without a mattress, a puppy should not too. It will feel comfortable if it has bedding and also it will sleep better and know its own space to sleep at.

    A puppy can be stressed the same way as a person. And as we stress and just want to go to our bed and be kind of ‘safe’ it is the same with a puppy. So this will give him the opportunity to feel better fast!

*ADVISE: When you take out your dog in the summer, first place your hand with the back of it to the pavement. If you can keep it there for more than 5 seconds it is okay to take your dog on a walk. But if you can not keep it there, then it is too hot and you will harm the puppy. Just leave the walk for a milder time of the day!

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