Sharp Edge Eyeliner Using Scotch Tape


Eyeliner might seem daunting at first but with these easy eyeliner hacks, you’ll soon be a pro.  There is an old-school makeup trick that uses an office supply staple that’s been popping up on Instagram recently, and there’s a good reason – it really works!  Use two pieces of Scotch tape to create a triangle at the outer corner of your eye, then fill in with liner, remove the tape, and you get a perfect flick. If it is still unclear, keep on reading to discover the top tips and tricks to master the sharp edge eyeliner flick!


First, you need to choose your eyeliner. You can go ahead with any of the three main types of eyeliner:


  1. The pencil eyeliner is matte and easy to apply which makes it great eyeliner for novices. This particular type does not spread as smoothly as gel or liquid, but mistakes can be easily blended for a smoky eye effect if you prefer this kind of look.


  1. The gel eyeliner mostly comes in matte effect and can be applied very smoothly. The gel eyeliner can be used for both thin and thicker lines so it’s perfect for any purpose or effect you are going for.


  1. The liquid eyeliner creates precision lines with ease. Most of them have a pen or nib to apply, like a felt tip pen. With it, you can create a very thin line but the felt tip can be used for a thicker effect, too.


Now that you have chosen your favourite eyeliner, let’s begin with the steps below.


Step 1:  Add a piece of tape angled towards the end of the brow.  When placed diagonally out from the corners of your eyes, it becomes a stencil and can help you get perfectly even winged-out eye.


Step 2: Place the edge of the tape in line with your bottom lash line and angle the top toward the end of your eyebrow. This new piece of tape should be connected to the first piece so you can create the edge.


Step 3: Start filling the triangle with your eyeliner.


Step 4: Gently remove the pieces of Scotch tape and reveal your masterpiece!


Step 5: Clean up any imperfections with a q-tip.


Step 6: Apply mascara and you are ready!


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