Office Outfit Ideas for the Winter
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Office Outfit Ideas for the Winter


Nowadays people seem to spend most time at work. They work for 7-8 hours, and sometimes even more, so if you think about it they should have more outfits suitable for a working environment than for a day off or night out. This should be the case, but many people stick to wearing the same clothes at work and they buy clothes for time off work.

So, why to do this since most of the time you spend is at work? Today we decided to encourage you to add a few outfits to your winter wardrobe. They are at the same time sophisticated, comfortable, and warm – just perfect for the season and the occasion. Check them out and then try them out!

#1 A suit with a coat

The first of our suggestions for you is to keep it simple and comfortable when it comes to wearing outfits at work. You need to be elegant and sophisticated and to evoke respect. That is why you could wear a suit to work, with long black smart pants and a black or white top. You could wear a shirt with a coat on top to look even smarter.

It is better to wear trousers in the winter instead of dresses, or skirts, because this way you will keep warm better.If the weather is too cold for you, you could wear a pantyhose under the pants. This way nobody will be able to tell whether you have something underneath, but at the same time you will be warm.

You could match the outfit with a nice pair of high heels when there is not snow or ice on the streets. Or if there is, you could wear ankle boots, or some flat shoes, like oxfords.

#2 A dress with a pop of color

The next outfit idea for your winter wardrobe is actually a dress. Nowadays there are plenty of outfit designs and fabrics, so a person could find the best one for them. There are dresses made of wool, or cotton, which are perfect for the winter season since they will keep one warm. And, of course, the thicker the fabric is, the warmer it will keep you.

That is why if you want to wear a dress in the winter as well which will keep you warm. And if you do not want to wear some in a usual office color, like grey, or black, you could actually wear a dress in dark purple, or some other dark pastel color. It will look good and fresh and at the same time it will not be out of place.

The next thing you could have in mind when you put on such outfit is if you are going to wear it with leggings, or with pantyhose. It is better, of course, to wear it with some thicker pair, no matter which one you choose. You could match the dress with a faux fur coat, or with some thick woolen coat to keep you warm.

#3 Woolen top and a pencil skirt

Last, but certainly not least, we have an outfit for you which is perfect for the weather and the occasion – a woolen top with a pencil skirt. Nowadays, there are plenty of thick sweaters which do not look awkward and are not designed for wearing them at home for Christmas, for example.

There are some soft and elegant ones, ones with turtleneck, which will keep you warm at the same time you will look good with them and they will match the working environment at the office.

And if you want to find them a perfect match, then I would say you need to wear them with a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are very smart and are perfect for the office. Besides, they can often make one look taller and slimmer, which is an extra benefit to the sophisticated look of the skirt.

And, of course, do not forget to add some suitable type of shoes for the outfit. They could be high heels, or ankle boots, or even boots with heels. All the three types of shoes will look good with the outfit and will make it additionally more elegant and office-like.

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