7 Things You Should Start Doing If You are Not Confident Enough
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7 Things You Should Start Doing If You are Not Confident Enough


There are a lot of women who do not have enough confidence. They keep finding flaws in their bodies, or in their behavior and this makes them more and more insecure. The worse thing is that this lack of confidence often gets in their way and this makes them feel unworthy for the good things in life that all women deserve.

Well, since we believe all women are beautiful and they should feel good in their own skin, we have prepared some little trick that will remind all women how special they are and will make them believe in it for real.

#1 Get rid of all the negative thoughts

The first thing that you should do if you want to become more confident is to stop criticizing yourself. Get rid of all the negative thoughts you have in your mind about yourself. It does not matter whether it is about your personal qualities, or about your outer appearance.

It is also important to stop complaining about things and to think about the worst thing that could happen to you. A lot of women have this awful habit, so as fast as you get rid of it, the better it will be for you.

You need to learn how to control these thoughts. If it is something about your looks that you cannot change, then why would you want to do this to yourself and live with negativity about your body?!

#2 It is OK if you do not feel confident all the time

Even the most confident women in the world have their moments of weakness, so you also can give yourself a break from the efforts to try to look and feel at your best all the time. You can take a break and feel weak and insecure from time to time. The important thing is that the days you feel confident and good about yourself, or at least are trying to do it, are more.

#3 Read positive affirmations when you wake up in the morning

If you have low self-esteem and you find it hard to boost it and to start loving yourself for the person you are, then you could try this quite useful trick. Every morning when you wake up read yourself some positive affirmations and thoughts. You could find such in the Internet, or you could buy a book with positive thought.

The important thing is that you need to be consistent. Read these affirmations and thoughts every morning when you wake up, even when you are still in bed. And you could also read them before you go to bed at night. The more you do this, the more you will believe in these thoughts and the better you will feel. And do not give up!

#4 Get a new haircut or see a makeup artist

If you are not confident about your looks, then do something about it and try to change the things you do not like about yourself. If it is something about your face, for example, you could easily hide it with makeup.

For example, you can contour your face and this way you could even change its shape. If you do not know how to apply makeup on well, then see a makeup artist, or start teaching yourself how to do it.

You can also change your hairstyle. Make sure you consult a hairdresser about the hairstyles that will suit you and take their advice. And still the most important thing you should consider is your personal opinion. After all your new looks should appeal to you and not only to the people around you.

#5 Stop listening to all the haters around you

One of the main reason why a lot of people in general are so insecure and do not have self-esteem is that there are a lot of people who criticize them. There are some people who have low self-esteem because they have not had any partners so far and thing that they are not attractive enough to have a boyfriend/

girlfriend. Maybe some person has offended them in their past and they subconsciously have started believing in it.

If this is your case as well, you need to shut those bad people’s mouths and you need to remember that you are pretty no matter what someone has told you. So, start reminding yourself that you are beautiful and get rid of those people who do not like you and have offended you because you do not need them.

#6 Have a selfie

There are a lot of people who post on social media dozens of selfies daily. It turns out that the more selfies a person has, the more confident they are. There is no need to post these selfies on social media, the important thing is to have them. If it does not help, it surely will not hurt.

#7 Smile, smile, smile

Some people say that if a woman puts on a smile on her face she is pretty. Smiles have the power to do this which means that you need to start smiling as much as possible. And this will also help you feel better, not to mention that it will boost your self-esteem.

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