7 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel
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7 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel

There are a lot of people who practically live in hotels. They travel so much that they feel like hotels are their home. It is good to feel at home even when you are away, but there are still some things which are different in the hotels and you should avoid doing them. If you want to have the best time in the hotel, you still need to avoid doing some thing. Here is a list of the things you should never do when you are staying at a hotel, or at least avoid as much as you can.

#1 Do not touch the remote control

If you are on vacation, you will probably spend little time in your hotel room, but still when you come back after a long day of sightseeing you will grab the remote control and watch some TV. And this is mistake number 1. You should never touch the remote controls in hotel rooms, because they have bacteria on them, and this means a lot of bacteria.

Just think how many people have touched the remote control before you. All of their bacteria is on the remote control and they are going to crawl on you too if you touch it. If you want to use it still, you should better use some kind of gloves to protect your hands from the bacteria, or at least make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. This is how you will protect yourself.

#2 Do not leave your valuables lying around the room

You know that cleaning staff goes into the hotel rooms to clean them when people are not there. Unfortunately, not all of them would notice something valuable, like jewelries, or even money, and will ignore them – in other words, they will not take them.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure every time you go out of the hotel room, your money and jewelries are hidden. There are safes in most hotels where you can keep precious things if you want to be completely sure they will not be stolen.

#3 Do not forget to put the Do not disturb sign

As it was mentioned above, cleaning stuff comes every day to clean your room while you are staying at a hotel. When it comes to some hotels, you wonder whether they have cleaned the room at all or not since you still can see the floor covered with your hairs, but this is another story. If you are in the room, you should not forget to put the sign Do not disturb when you are in the room, because this way you can be sure you will be disturbed.

#4 Do not open the door to strangers

This may sound like your mommy teaching you some manners, but in fact it is worth mentioning since a lot of people automatically would open the door if there is a knock on it. This is not a good idea. You should always ask before opening the door and that includes the times when you are actually expecting someone. It is better to be careful than to have to deal with some unpleasant situation, because as much as we hate to admit it, bad things happen and it is better to expect them.

#5 Do not use the minibar

Every hotel room has a minibar tempting the visitors with soft drinks and sweet delights. However, before having anything from the minibar, you should better check the prices. Believe it or not, but there are people who think that the foods in the minibars are free.

Or some may think that the prices are like the ones in the supermarkets, but actually they are more expensive. It depends, but most of the prices in the minibars are twice as big than the standard ones. Just stay away from the minibar if you do not want to be surprised when you see your hotel room bill.

#6 Do not drink tap water

There are hundreds of dreadful stories about different bacteria in the tap water in hotels. You should never drink it, because you have no idea what is in it. It could be harmless, but you should still use it only for washing-up and not for drinking. Instead drink mineral water in bottles, because it is definitely cleaner.

If there are nowhere near you where you can buy bottled water, you can drink the tap one, but only if you boil it first, like the water parents give to babies.

#7 Do not forget to check if the sleeping sheets are clean

If you are not staying at a 5-star hotel, you should better check the sheets if they are clean. Smell them, look for bedbugs and hair, because as much as it may sound disgusting, it is better to make sure everything is clean. If you find something that is far from looking or smelling clean, it is better to tell the cleaning stuff and to get it changed instead of getting a rash in a couple of days.

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