7 Things You Should Do in 2016
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7 Things You Should Do in 2016

New year – new beginning. Or at least that is what a lot of people believe in. People around the world dream of having a better year than the previous one, but dreams are not enough. If you want to live better and to attract only positive situations and people then you should not only sit and wait for the things to happen, but you should also act and make them happen for you. And since we suppose that you will need a little help with the encouragement, we have prepared a list for you with the things you should do more often this year to have a better life.

#1 Do not check your phone while having dinner

Nowadays people are so used to having their phone with them all the time, that they in a way feel naked when it is away from them (often being in the other room). However, believe it or not checking your social media profiles through your phone will not leave you great memories, but talking with your family will. So, when you are having dinner or spending some family moments together with a friend or relatives, just forget about your phone. Make it an unwritten rule to leave your phone in another room every time you have dinner. You will soon notice what you have missed before.

#2 Do sports

Many people think that doing sports necessarily means that they have to spend hours at the gym or on the running track, but since they do not have a lot of time they just give it up and forget about doing sports completely. And since a new year has come, you should make yourself do sports. It does not mean that you have to do it every day, or to do something that you do not like. Even walking could be considered a sport. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stair. You can do some exercises at home when you are watching your favorite TV program or even talking to your parents on the phone. The important thing is to move your muscles and there is hundreds of ways to do it, sometimes not even realizing it.

#3 Talk to your family more

It does not matter if you are still living with your family or away from them, you still need to take some time talking to them through phone or face to face. People often take for granted their loved ones and do not talk to them a lot. However, your family would really like to hear from you more. Do not think of excuses like being too busy for your family. Everybody has a couple of minutes for their families.

#4 Do good deeds

Many people think that the only way to do good deeds is to give money for charity and they do not do it because they do not have a lot of money. However, giving money is not the only way to do good. You can give some food or clothes that you are not wearing to a person who needs them. You can even hold a door or the elevator to a person carrying a lot of bags, and even help them carry something. Sometimes even smiling to a stranger can make their day, and this would certainly make you too feel good.

#5 Spend more time outside

This does not mean that you have to spend sleepless nights at clubs. The best thing would be if you spend more time in the nature. Think about it, when was the last time you actually spend time in the nature? Were you able to enjoy the trees, grass and flowers around you? In fact, being out in the nature will increase your energy levels and will make you feel better and more positive.

#6 Do something new every day

People are so used to their routine lives that they cannot imagine doing something different, but once you get older you will begin to notice how many things you have missed to try when you were younger. So, before it is too late, do as much things as you can. And doing something different every month will reveal parts of your character that you did not realize you have had.

#7 Be proud of the things you have

Many people complain about not having the things they want, but are they thankful for the things they already have? People take the things they have for granted and just want more and more things. However, when a person starts being more grateful for everything they have and stop asking, they will actually start receiving more from life. Being grateful is so powerful that you have no idea how better and happier you will start feeling.

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