7 Things Every Home Should Have
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7 Things Every Home Should Have



Every home should be different, expressing the individuality and personality of the owner in its own way, but there are a few necessary things that every house should have to make it a home. Stop wasting money on throwaway things and start investing in the good stuff: quality pieces that can move from room to room, house to house, for decades. Not to worry! These basic items will help you handle the responsibility that comes with all of your new square footage. Stock your home with these essentials!


  1. Extension cord organizer


Home ownership seems to breed extension cords that grow into a tangled nest. Unless you really like how your router looks like, you don’t want it displayed in the corner of your room. So hide it in a box! Any craft store, office supply store, or home goods store, sell decorative boxes with lids. These boxes can easily hide your router after a few modifications, meaning that you need to make a hole for the cable. Also, it is very important to make sure the box is large enough for proper ventilation.


  1. Floating shelves


When moving into a new home, it’s great to add small, familiar touches such as photographs, mementos and beautiful plants to make it feel like “home.” What better way to display those items than on stylish floating shelves? These shelves are handsome, easy to build and inexpensive. And they’re strong even though they have no visible supports. Floating shelves are ideal for adding more storage than your floor plan allows for.


  1. Pretty boxes


The key to making any bookshelf look immaculately streamlined is to load it with beautiful boxes. If you have some products or belongings that you don’t want everyone to see, then get creative and create a literary facade! Assemble book spines into a stealthy box for secret storage that blends seamlessly into a shelf. You can use repurposed books for this purpose. You can buy pretty boxes from any store which sells home products. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours!


  1. Lighting supplies


Lighting is number one on the list, and for a good reason, as it’s hard to get anything done in the dark. There is nothing more frustrating than a bedroom with just one overhead lamp. This often looks like you didn’t put any effort or energy in making your bedroom beautiful and cozy. Give yourself options by adding a dimmer, bedside lamp or an ancient floor lamp. Lighting from various sources provides a nice pleasant ambience and make a small room more functional. While flashlights and lanterns are great, think about investing in something that doesn’t need batteries and will last you for many years, such as beautiful candles. Remember to put them in a place that’s easily accessible; you don’t want to go hunting around for lighting sources in the pitch black.


  1. Proper products to clean with


You’re going to be spilling stuff, that’s for sure! Look for a wet-dry vacuum that can handle everything from paint to nails and small stones. Antibacterial or disinfecting wipes are the superheroes of surface cleaning, willing to take on spills and messes with ease. Use a hand-held vacuum or one with a hose and a brush attachment for smaller surfaces.


  1. First aid kit


Having a basic first aid kit is essential for any house – as you really do never know what you may need. You can buy kits already put together or put one together yourself. A basic first aid kit should contain plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes, rolled bandages, safety pins, scissors, skin rash cream, spray to relieve insect bites and stings, antiseptic cream and antihistamine tablets. Consider keeping additional spare stocks of things such gloves and plasters. It may also be useful to keep a basic first aid manual or instruction booklet with your first aid kit.


  1. Large mirrors


We are sure you have a nice mirror in the bathroom, but sometimes you have to check your look before you step across the threshold of your bedroom. If you can’t knock down walls, add mirrors. They have the power to reflect light and visually expand a room, so it looks much larger than it actually is. No matter where you put one, mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, make a space look bigger, and open up your bedroom. A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth, so don’t be scared to go big.

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