7 Things Every Couple Needs to Try This Summer
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7 Things Every Couple Needs to Try This Summer

  1. Skinny-Dipping

    It is one of those vulnerable feelings that make you at the same time nervous and free. Not knowing if you will get caught and actually having the freedom of being naked in water that is not your own bath is so fulfilling that you won’t believe it until you experience it. Going somewhere to a lake or to the sea with your partner ditching all of your clothes and swimming on the naked will be at the same time fun and romantic. Because this is the other person you are most vulnerable and naked with. So this will be fun and it will be bring you closer together.

  2. Watch the sunset, from the roof of your car

    Not that you haven’t ever watched the sunset together (Or have you?), but you should make a date out of it. Find a beautiful place like an empty field or somewhere in the mountains from where you have a great view of the sunset. Pump up some good music you both like – something relaxing a quite fun, like funky jazz or anything of that sort. And then just climb on the hood of your own car. First of all it will be only the two of you. And it will beautiful to lie there calmly and see how the color of the sky change until the sun is totally gone from the horizon – a beautiful feeling. Forget about your phone and anything else. Just enjoy the moment for the two of you.

  3. Go camping

    Camping is one of my favorite things. It is fun and I feel like the greatest explorer on earth. Also this way you find yourself in different situations. And quite frankly it grounds you a little bit, but leaves you a sweet feeling. Although we can not always grab out tent on go to camp at the beach or at some mountain try to put that in your schedule. It will be the trip of your summer. And if you have done it before great – you know how amazing it is. And if you have not done it – well, it is about time isn’t it? Although it might sound crazy and scary you will see that it is not. And if you can’t go anywhere but you are really into the idea – go camping in your backyard. It will be even more fun. Because you will be at a common place but sleeping in a tent – outside, under all of the start.

  4. Dance in the rain

    Summer is known for those summer storm when it is very hot and out of nowhere it starts raining heavily. This is one of those times people say about ‘Embrace the storm and dance in the rain!’. And why not? How could an experience like that not be fun? Going out in the rain (if you are not already there), when there are almost no people in the streets and parks. And forgetting all inhibitions somewhere before the rain will be so fun. Ar first it will be strange, but then you will have so much fun. Go have your dance in the rain. Or just have a walk. Jump into paddles. Compete. Do whatever makes the two of you happy while in the rain. This will make you more spontaneous.

  5. Go to a drive-in movie theater

    This is another thing that requires a car. And although it is kind of retro it is something very fun and something that brings people together. It is a great time to go watch a romantic movie under the stars. You will be able to get cozy together. And while at an indoors cinema you are sitting right next to strangers, here you are a more private. If you can’t find a drive-in theater in your town you can enjoy just an outdoor cinema. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket full with goods like champagne, sweets and sandwiches. It will be worth, not so much for the movie, but for the time you will be having with your partner.

  6. Download Geocaching and find treasures together

    Geocaching is a wonderful app, created by some adventurous people I guess. It was actually something created long before the smart phones. Geocaching is a platform that is kind of a game. People leave small treasures and presents all over the world. They are called a ‘cach’. And by the app you can find the coordinates of different treasures. They are hidden carefully and it will be some search before you find them. Which is quite cool. You write your name and you usually get a present with it. Or sometimes there is a traveling ‘cach’ which needs to be delivered somewhere else. So people take it and leave it at another treasure and this way it travels until it reaches its destination. You have to go on the website or the app and read more. Then go with your significant other on a hunt. Or just use it every time you are a new place. It will be fun. I promise!

  7. Kiss in the sea or ocean

    There should not be a summer without a sea or an ocean. It is just the way life is supposed to be. And it is the way I enjoy life and know many other people do. Going to the shore with your partner is fun – enjoy a vacation in the sun too. But there is nothing more romantic then sharing a kiss while in the waters in between the waves. Even when I talk about it my heart races. Kissing your special someone while the waves crash into you and while under the sun is fun, freeing and beautiful. And imagine doing it at sunset time? Even better!


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