7 Interesting Lip Balm Uses You Had No Idea about

7 Interesting Lip Balm Uses You Had No Idea about


The colder the weather gets, the more a woman should think about her skin hydration. It is no secret that the cold weather makes one’s skin drier and less hydrated. And not only this, but it could even lead to small wounds on one’s hands and lips. That is why a woman should always carry a lip balm with her.

However, this is not the only reason a woman should carry a lip balm with her everywhere she goes. This is because there are some more ways you can use lip balms which you probably do not know about. If you are curious to find them out, continue reading below.

#1 Tame your hair and brows

We all know that there are a lot of hair products which one can use to tame their messy hair, but if you do not have such a product within a reach, then you may simply use some lip balm to do this job instead. It will work best for taming your baby hair, which all of us who have annoying baby hair know how irritating it is to deal with it. And if your brows are bushy and do not grown the way you want them to, then use some lip balm to put them in place.

#2 Keep your laces tied

The next interesting use for lip balm will help those of you who are constantly tripping over their untied shoe laces. This is because the material from which the shoe laces are made is not strong enough to hold them in place and they end up untied. If you want this to stop, then you may simply use some lip balm. Once you tie your shoe laces, apply some lip balm on the knot. Do not get fooled by the sticky consistency of the lip balms, they will cause the knot to get tighter and to stay in place.

#3 Mend your zippers

If you have a zipper that gets stuck easily, or that simply does not work properly, you could fix it with some lip balm. Apply it on this part of your zipper where it gets stuck and it will start working as smoothly as before. If you do not want to use your lip balm to do this, then you may apply some petroleum jelly. It will do the same job.

#4 Prevent shoe blisters

When people buy some new shoe, their feet are not used to them and that it is often why they get blisters on their feet. If you do not want this to happen, because as we know shoe blisters can be very painful, you could apply some lip balm on this parts of your feet where you get blisters most often.

This way the sticky consistency of your lip balm will reduce the amount of shoe rubbing on your foot. But make sure you do it as a prevention and not after you get your blisters.

#5 Heal small cuts

The first of the lip balm uses is, of course, connected to moisturizing. That is why one can use it to hydrate not only their lips, but also their hand skin, or face skin. And not only this, but it turns out that lip balms can help healing small cuts. If you accidentally cut yourself and you have no medicines within your reach, you may apply some lip balm on the cut. Some people are prone to cutting themselves even on paper sheets.

In such minor cases, lip balms work great in sealing the wound. It would be best if you use a clean balm, because if there are some bacteria on the one you use, you may accidentally spread it on the cut and this could lead to some irritation and even infections, so be careful if you decide to use this method to heal your cuts.

#6 Polish your shoes

The next interesting lip balm use is connected again with one’s shoes. If your shoes are a bit old, you could bring back the old shine they have by polishing them with some lip balm. Apply some of the lip balm on the shoes and polish them with a dry cloth, spreading the balm everywhere. This will automatically give some of their old shine back and you will look spotless from head to toe once again.

#7 Treat dry cuticles

One of the biggest problems I have to deal with in the winter is dry hands and more specifically dry cuticles. Due to the cold weather one’s skin becomes even drier than naturally. Dry cuticles could even lead to bleeding sometimes. If you also have such problems with dry skin, and especially cuticles, you could heal them if you apply some lip balm on them. This is an easy remedy for them.

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