7 Fashion Items You Should Not Wear This Spring
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7 Fashion Items You Should Not Wear This Spring


It does not matter if you like a certain trend or not, trends can last from one up to several seasons. Some items can make a comeback an year after they have been in fashion. However, this does not mean that this goes for every fashion item.

Today we have listed for you some of the fashion items which were popular last spring, but you definitely should not include in your spring wardrobe this year. Here they are!

#1 Fishnet pantyhose under torn jeans

One of the last year’s trends which became very popular among the young generation is wearing jeans with big holes and fishnet pantyhose underneath. This trend is similar to some of the trends from the 1990s and it is no longer in fashion. If you want to continue wearing your favorite fishnet pantyhose, you can do it but certainly not in combination with a pair of torn jeans.

#2 Cropped shoulder top

The next item which became popular some time ago is a top with cropped shoulders but still with long sleeves. There are a lot of such tops, like tees, shirts, and singlets. There are a lot of women who do not like showing their shoulders because they do not like them.

This is a specific part of the human body which cannot be easily altered with exercises. That is why a lot of women prefer to hide their shoulders than to show them. As a result, this fashion item is no longer in fashion and that is why it is better not to wear them this season.

#3 Checked print in grey

This trend is one of the popular ones from the fall and winter seasons. However, it is not as bright as a typical spring/summer trend usually is. The trend was very popular for a while, but maybe it is time to give it some break for now and to keep the fashion items with such print at the back of your wardrobe.

You can still wear checked prints but it is better to add some color to them which will make the item more spring-like. Go ahead and try some of them instead of the grey checked print.

#4 Long, long vests

This is one of the items which is very good for working environment because it gives a professional touch to the overall outfit of a person. No matter whether you really like them and want to continue wearing your long vests, it is better to give them some break this spring because they are certainly not in fashion. Maybe their time will come again soon. Till then try not to wear them.

#5 Metallic leather

Ever since the items with unicorns became a part of the fashion world, metallic leather items, complementing the image of the unicorns, became popular. It almost seemed as if people will continue wearing them forever because even though unicorns stepped back from the fashion items, metallic-color leather items continued prevailing the fashion world.

Well it is time to finally give them a break as well. They are already last season items and you should better quit wearing them as well even if you like them a lot. After all, it is time to try something new this season.

#6 Fake denim items

A few years ago items with denim print became very popular and some people continue wearing such kind of items even today. This year denim, real type of denim, is popular and one can afford to wear denim dresses, jackets, skirts, and, of course, jeans. There are really qualified denim items you can find in shops this season and you definitely should forget about wearing fake denim items.

#7 Neopreneclothes

As much as this fabric gives a lot of dresses and skirts a nice and complete design, they are more suitable for the winter and fall seasons. These clothes can come back in fashion very soon because they are very cute and classy at the same time but this does not mean that one should continue wearing them non-stop. Keep them in your wardrobe and wait for them to come back in fashion. Hopefully, this will be this winter season.

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