6Activities that Will Develop Your Brain and Abilities
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6Activities that Will Develop Your Brain and Abilities


People learn things all their lives and it is never too late to learn some new ability. Of course, the sooner one does it, the better it is for them because they will have the chance to use it in a later part of their lives. There are still a lot of people who wonder how to improve not only their current skills, but also to develop new ones.

The secret to this is your brain. You have to make it more flexible and to develop it through some brain training activities. Today we have prepared for you some everyday activities you can try that will help you develop your skills and abilities and maybe some new ones. Check them out!

#1 Learn how to play a musical instrument

Listening to music is great, however, if you really want to develop your brain, you should not be just a listener, but a “musician”. There are a lot of people who think that one can learn how to play a musical instrument only as a child. If one is already an adult, it is considered to be too late for this. Of course, this is not the case if you want to play musical instrument as a hobby. Choose your favorite one and try it out, there is nothing to lose, on the contrary.

#2 Read

It is probably no secret that reading can develop your brain and abilities. And still there are a lot of people who prefer to go to the cinema and watch a movie than read a book. There are a lot of people who even prefer to watch a movie that is based on a book rather than read the book itself.

If you choose reading for a hobby and an everyday activity, you will not only gain knowledge and expand your vocabulary, but you will also improve your memory and your analytical skills. Cool, right?

#3 Start doing a sport

There are a lot of people who go to the gym only to keep fit, but they do it so grudgingly that it is a bit of a torture to them even. Doing a sport should not be a chore, on the contrary. It should be something that does not only help your body stay strong and fit, but also your mind.

If you do not like going to the gym, then you could simply try a sport, like some outdoor sports, or even yoga. It is important to feel good while doing it and only then your physical activity will develop your skills as well.

#4 Jigsaw Puzzle

There are a lot of people who think that putting pieces together, like jigsaw puzzle, is a bit boring, but it actually has a lot of benefits, especially when we talk about developing new skills. For example, they develop problem solving skills, co-ordination, and even boost self-esteem. And they will surely enhance your creativity if you try them. This is a much better leisure activity than playing computer or video games, for sure.

#5 Learn foreign languages

Foreign languages are real treasure and the more you know the better it will be for you. This is not only because foreign languages will give you more job opportunities, but these abilities will develop new ones and will help you gain more self-esteem. There are other benefits of knowing foreign languages, like memory improvement, multi-tasking ability, and boosting of brain power. And let’s just not mention the freedom that will give you to travel and speak to more people in different countries.

#6 Take care of your body

The last activity in the list is somewhat a general one, but it combines a lot of important things people should pay special attention to. For example, one cannot develop new activities or develop the ones they already have if they do not take care of their bodies.

Your brain will function the best if you give it that chance. Which means that you should relax, have a healthy diet and avoid things that are harmful to your body. You need to get about 7-8 sleep daily, drink plenty of water, and have foods that are nutritious, like fruits, vegetables, and especially nuts.

One interesting thing, and probably little known one, is that spices are good for your brain. There are researches that say spices help preserve your memory. So you do only need to develop new skills, but preserve the old ones and have a good memory. Some of the best spices to do this job are cumin and cilantro, so do not miss to include them in your cooking.

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