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Nowadays the main activities in a person’s life involve electricity. The internet works with electricity, the TV set works with electricity, the lights in one’s home work with electricity. And what happens when the lights go out for a couple of hours? People start wondering what to do. It could be even a complete disaster if there is no electricity.

That is why we decided to think of fun and pleasant activities which people could do even with no electricity, in the dark. Well, you could think of one particular thing probably, but today we are not going to talk about intimacies. If you are curious to know them, check out our ideas!

#1 Meditate

If you are home alone and the lights go out, you can try some meditation, especially if you have been under a lot of pressure recently. So, why do not you take the opportunity and the silence and meditate a little?

You can light some candles and focus on your breathing, breathing out negative energy and breathing in positive such. You will become quite relaxed after that. And speaking of relaxation, here comes the next activity in our list.

#2 Take a relaxing bath

The next thing you can do when the lights are out and you are home alone is to have a long relaxing bath. You can light some candles as well. You can also add some sent to the water to make it even more refreshing and relaxing. For such kind of activity you definitely would not need lights. You only need to relax and enjoy your time with yourself only.

#3 Dance

If your phone battery is not low, you could play some music and dance in the dark. There are a lot of people who do not want to dance in front of other people because they are afraid of looking silly. If you are one of these people, you may take the opportunity and dance by yourself in the dark. It is a fun way to spend your alone time and to relax. Besides, dancing is a fun way of burning calories. It is definitely much better than going to the gym if you ask me.

#4 Talk

The easiest way to tell somebody a secret is when it is dark. Maybe it is because people feel protected by darkness and they feel they can let go and share personal things with other people.

That is why if you are not alone but with a friend or two, you can spend the time simply talking. You can tell each other things you did not have time for or you were afraid to tell them. You will see that you will also feel much more comforted by the given circumstances.

#5 Star gazing

Nowadays people lead quite busy lives. They do not have much free time, especially when it comes to the ordinary and simple things, such as star gazing. Well, so why do not you get the chance and spend some time looking at the stars when the lights are out?

This activity could seem boring and insignificant, but it could make you think about the important things in life. It is also romantic and you can do it together with your partner. It can actually turn out to be an unforgettable night than a boring such.

#6 Read

Usually it is hard to read when the lights are not on but there are some torches and flashlights to help you see in the dark. You can really keep up with your reading if you have not had time to do it lately because of your job or something more urgent activities that you had to do. So have it in mind as a possible activity suitable for a time of electricity crisis.

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