6 Things to Do and Be Proud of Yourself
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6 Things to Do and Be Proud of Yourself


Every person faces obstacles in their life and the more they fight them, the stronger they become. There are still a lot of people who think they are weak and they cannot handle stress and pressure. Do you want to test yourself and find how strong you really are?

Well, you could try to do these things we have prepared for you. Some of them may appear easy while others could be a real challenge for yourself. And even if you cannot do all of the things in the list, you could be proud of yourself if you do only one of them even. So, here they are!

#1 Cut your hair

It is no secret that women feel strong connection to their hair in general. Some women start crying if the hairdresser cuts too much of their hair, or if they do not like their hairstyle. So, it is probably no surprise that we have included this challenge in number one position in the list. If you decide to cut your hair really short, then do it. Women need to change their hairstyle every once in a while and if you really get the scissors and cut your long hair short, then you are a real hero and you need to know this.

#2 Cook dinner on your own

Nowadays there are so many restaurants and places where people could have a bite, that one may not even have to cook if they do not want to. However, being able to cook is a real advantage. First of all, you can spend less money on food this way and you will also know what kind of ingredients you add into the cooking. And secondly, it is no secret that men are impressed by women who can cook.

That is why if you cook a dinner entirely on your own, no matter if it is for your family, your partner, or your friends, you can be absolutely proud of yourself. This way you can surprise both yourself and the people around you that you can actually cook delicious meals. Do not be surprised if you would be asked to cook for them soon after that.

#3 Start going to the gym regularly

If you really take on a sport or simply start going to the gym regularly, then you are a real hero. There are a lot of people who start going to the gym and end up bored in a couple of weeks. Then they simply turn back to having fast food and lie around the house when they have spare time. Well, if you do not give up the gym and you actually turn it into a habit, then you can congratulate. It is harder than people can think of since so many newbies give it up quickly.

#4 Help a stranger

People are in general taught to be good and to do good to other people, but this is sometimes not an easy task, especially when we talk about doing a favor to a stranger. I mean, how can you really be sure that the person asking to use your phone to call their mother would not actually steal it and run away with it. Or how can you be sure that the hitchhiker you pick up by the road would not turn out to be a serial killer?

One cannot trust all people. That is why if you really do a good deed and help a person in need, especially strangers, you could be absolutely proud of yourself, because, be sure of that, not all people in the world would agree to do it. And that is why you are so special.

#5 Go to a restaurant on your own

There appears to be some kind of unwritten rule about having a meal at a restaurant – people should not do it on their own. It is like going to the cafe alone, but even worse. There are a lot of people that would feel uncomfortable to do this and they would never imagine themselves being alone at a restaurant. This is probably because they would be worried about people’s opinion about them.

Oh, look! This person probably does not have any friends and that is why they have dinner on their own.” But who cares? Do you care? Are you strong enough to actually face this awkwardness and have a meal at a restaurant alone? Well, we dare you to do it and you will not regret it because you would have overcome some insecurity of yours and you can be proud of it.

#6 Visit a place you have never been before

People sometimes get so overwhelmed by their routine lives that they stop noticing the small things in life. If you do not want this to happen to you, then you may simply try our solution – visit a place you have not been before every month. It would probably be hard to visit a new place every week, but you could at least go to a new place every month.

You could travel, or you could visit some new places in your town, city, or some new places in the area. This way you will not forget that beauty is everywhere around us. We only have to keep our eyes open to it.

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