6 Things That Influence Your Mood
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6 Things That Influence Your Mood


We all know that people nowadays lead fast lives which is often the reason they are not in a good mood. One could get irritated pretty easily and the whole day could go wrong just because some minor misunderstanding, or an insignificant problem.

That is why it is important to know which are the things that influence your mood and how to avoid the bad ones and to pay attention to the good ones. Today we have prepared for you a list of things that influence your mood and pay special attention to the ones that would improve your mood.

#1 Bad mood

If you have not noticed it so far, you could pay special attention to this the next time somebody is in a bad moon. Bad mood is contagious. If somebody you are talking with is in a bad mood, you are also very likely to end up being in a bad mood yourself. The easiest way not to let people in bad mood ruin your mood as well is to avoid being with them.

Escape this environment either by going out of the room, or search for a pocket full of sunshine in your mind. If somebody in the office is angry, for example, and is screaming and scolding the employees, you could ignore them by putting on your headsets and listening to some good music.

#2 The weather

This is quite an interesting fact, but have you thought that the weather can really affect your mood? For example, you may feel saddened and depressed if it is raining, but when the sun comes up, it will bring the smile on your face and your good mood. There is an explanation about this, of course. The sun light improves our mood because it affects the hormone of happiness.

So, when the weather is cloudy and it is raining people are more likely to be in a bad mood. And in the summer, when there is plenty of sunlight, people in general feel happier and more positive. If you want to be in a good mood, make sure you have a good amount of sunlight on your body, but do not forget your sun cream because the sun light may be good for your mood, but not so good for your skin.

#3 Colors

Here is another interesting fact you may have missed to notice. We all know that there are colors we prefer and colors we do not like, but have you thought that there was a real explanation about it? You simply link colors to some situations or experiences.

The red color often evokes associations of warmness and coziness because it is the color of the blood. So, when one looks at it, their heart goes faster. Green is one of the most popular colors which calms people down. It is the color of the grass and the wood – the nature is often a good resource for fresh air and relaxed mood.

#4 Dehydration

Water is extremely important not only for your health and well-being, but also for your mood. It turns out that if one is dehydrated they will actually not be in a good mood, but pretty bitter. So, if you do not want to end up in situations when you are in a bitter mood and yell at the people around you, it is best to keep your body well hydrated. Studies even show that if you are 1% dehydrated this would reflect your mood. To make sure this does not happen, drink plenty of water.

#5 Your posture

Another interesting thing that you probably did not know about is that the position of your body actually has influence on your mood. If you stand up straight and do not bend your body, then you will immediately start thinking more positive thoughts. Bending is a sign of low self-esteem.

Think about the students at school with low self-esteem. They often bend on their desks. If you do not believe in this, you could try it on your own. Start walking and sitting with your head up high in a more straight position and you will see that this will improve your mood and will make you feel better.

#6 Social media

One may think that social media are just a way of relaxing and communicating with friends and has nothing to do with your mood, but, in fact, they do not have good influence on you. Studies have shown that watching somebody else’s photos, either on vacation, or just having good time with their family and friends, leads to dissatisfaction with one’s own life.

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