6 Steps For a Great Party Hairstyle

6 Steps For a Great Party Hairstyle

I’m sure you know which is my favorite hairstyle for a party look because I have talked about it many, many times, but today I will show it to you step by step, which will help you create it easily. Take a look at the steps, they are only 6, but first, you must go through the preparing procedure:

  • The preparing procedure is something that you must go through, because the texture and the condition of the hair are highly important for a simple hairstyle like this one. And the texture of the hair is defined right in this preparing procedure. So, this party ponytail will look absolutely stunning only if the hair is perfectly straight, which means that you’ll have to use the flat iron, no matter how straight your hair is, it won’t look as good as the effect that is created with the flat iron. Remember to apply thermal protector before the work with the iron.

  • The next step of the preparing procedure is to check the roots and if they are greasy to clean them up. The cleaning can be done with one simple product – dry shampoo. This magic powder absorbs the skin oils of the scalp and the hair look clean and fresh again.

So far the hair is ready for the hairstyle. Now take a look at the six steps that will help you to create this voluminous ponytail. Take a look:

  1. Part the hair – set aside the whole front section of the hair and tie the back section of the hair into a high ponytail.

  2. Then divide the front section of hair in three parts – left, right and middle parts.

  3. Cross the side parts above the ponytail.

  4. Now tease the middle section with the back-combing technique. Use a hair spray to lock the volume.

  5. Sweep the volume to the back and smooth the top.

  6. Then secure with bobby pins and hide the hair band with a strand of hair from the tail.


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