6 Reasons to Visit Indonesia
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6 Reasons to Visit Indonesia


Traveling is one of the things that may cost a person money, but it would make them wealthier. This is because the more a person travels and the more they see about the world around them, the bigger their perspective becomes. If, for example, a person that has lived all their life in a village starts traveling and they visit even a couple of countries, they will come back completely changed. And this is only because of traveling.

So, it is no wonder why we love it so much and why all the people should travel as much as possible. Today we have decided to show you the beauty of one specific and very unique country – Indonesia. You can be sure that the reasons we give you cannot describe the full beauty of the country, but they can at least inspire you to visit it as soon as possible. So, check them out!

#1 Nature

Indonesian nature is so beautiful that you will be left breathless when you see it for the first time with your very own eyes. Surely, there are a lot of pictures you can see online, and also a lot of video clips and movies that were filmed there, but nothing could be compared to the power of nature. There are amazing beaches you may visit and forests to explore.

The only thing you should be very careful about is knowing the directions well. If you do not, then it is best to take a guide with you. You may easily get lost, or even meet some unknown animal, after all it is best to prepared. And speaking of animals, here is the next reason why you should visit Indonesia.

#2 See a Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are some of the rarest animals in the world and they can only be found on some of the islands of Indonesia. They are giant lizards, which may look scary, but are not dangerous. Their bite is not poisonous. And they are very interesting to look at.

In fact, there is evidence that Komodo dragons can stand up on their feet and this way they can become more than 2 meters high. If you have a local guide with you, they will show you where is the best place to stay when trying marveling at those interesting creatures.

#3 Swim with jellyfish

There are a lot of people who are afraid of jellyfish not because they are scary or extremely dangerous, but because they can burn you and this will ruin your great time at the beach. The jellyfish burn is not that dangerous unless a person is allergic to it. It is not pleasant in any way.

So, what will you say if we tell you that you could actually swim with jellyfish which cannot sting you? Yes, that is right. There is an island in Indonesia – Kakaban island, where you can dive in the crystal clear water and swim with dozens of jellyfish which cannot sting you. You can actually start liking jellyfish.

#4 Try some of the local food

There should not be a place to go to and not to try the local food. If you do not do it, you will miss a part of the overall experience. That is why when you go to Indonesia you should definitely not miss to try some of the local food. One of the best dishes is Nasi Goreng. This is a rice dish which is often cooked with shallots, chilli, and an egg on top. It is extremely delicious and it is cheap.

And there is one thing you should know about eating in Indonesia – do not be surprised seeing a person eating a rice dish using their hands instead of using a fork. This is perfectly normal way of having a dish in Indonesia and it is not rude at all. So, if you like, you can try it yourself. It is fun and you are blending with the locals.

#5 See “color-changing” lakes

As I already mentioned, the nature in Indonesia is absolutely stunning. There are probably hardly any people who would not like it. There is one more thing that would probably really impress you when you go to Indonesia – the lakes with changing colors. Of course, this is no natural phenomenon.

The water of the lakes looks like it is changing its color, but in fact this is only a mind trick. The sunlight reflecting in the glistening waters makes the color of the lake change. And still the view is stunning and one deserves to go and see it if they are in Indonesia. The lakes are located in The National Park in Dieng Plateau.

#6 Have a date with the orangutans

If you love exotic animals, then you would gladly take the opportunity to see orangutans in their natural habitat. These animals are very sweet and gentle, and also very smart. Some of their actions may even surprise you a lot and make you wonder how much orangutans look like humans.

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