6 Physical Features about the Female Body that Men Adore
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6 Physical Features about the Female Body that Men Adore

There are a lot of women who have asked themselves what makes some women attractive to men and some no. Some type of women are simply adored by men even if a random kind of woman cannot see what is the thing that is so special about this lady and why men like her so much. The reason why this is so comes from the fact that men and women often have different opinions and preferences. And that is often why men cannot understand women and the other way round.

If you are also wondering what kind of women the majority of men can easily get obsessed about, then today you are going to find the answer to this. We have prepared for you a list of physical features about a woman’s body that men are attracted to. Check these features and see if you will agree with them or not.

#1 Big hips

A lot of women think that men do not like it when a woman has a few pounds on and they think that men prefer skinny women. In fact, this is not so true. Men like voluptuous women with nice feminine curves. Apart from the booty and the breasts, men are also crazy about big female hips. And if this is accompanied with a small waist, then the result will be even more breath-taking.

As all things in life, there is a reason for this as well. This type of male preference probably comes from nature and the subconscious association that big hips point to the fertility of the woman and that she can give birth to strong and healthy babies.

#2 Long hair

If you ask some random man on the street if he likes women with short hair, you are very likely to be answered “no”. Statistic shows that a very small part of men actually like women with short hair. They prefer long-haired women. One reason for this is that long hair is traditionally associated with femininity and health as well. Men like it when a woman is gentle and feminine so it is no surprise that they like women with long hair better.

#3 Smile

You have probably heard that smile is a person’s best weapon no matter if it comes to men or women. Both men and women like people who smile often because they come across as being friendly and welcoming. That is why a woman with a big smile on her face can impress a guy much better than a woman who is supposedly more attractive but is frowning. That is why you should never forget to smile, especially when you are trying to impress some guy.

#4 Nice voice

The next thing which will also impress a guy together with a woman’s smile is her nice voice. This physical feature is often underestimated and people do not realize that one’s voice could impress a person or put them off. Men could be also impressed by a woman’s nice voice. They could be turned on by this because a woman’s voice can show a thing or two about her sexuality.

#5 Natural looks

In fact, men do not like natural looks that much but they prefer when women do not have much makeup on them. In other words, men like women with no-makeup makeup because this gives them a natural look and at the same time is not over-the-top.

This type of makeup accentuates one’s naturally beautiful features. And besides, when men see a woman with no-makeup makeup, they often think that she has no makeup at all. But still men prefer natural beauties more.

#6 Red dresses

The last point in the list is surely not a physical feature, but it is liked by the majority of men. They like it when a woman is wearing red clothes because this shows that the woman is passionate and very sexual. And not only this, but believe it or not, red suits every woman and accentuates her natural beauty. This also means that if you do not have a red piece of clothing in your wardrobe, it is about time to get one and let your beauty shine.

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