6 Phrases that Can Destroy Your Relationship
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6 Phrases that Can Destroy Your Relationship

Human relationships are something very fragile. You can think that you are doing the right thing, but in fact, you may be wrong. Or you could think that what you say is not hurting anybody, but in the end people are mad at you.

However, this does not mean that you have to give up and stop trying to make your relationships better. You may need only some help to find out which phrases hurt people even if you think they do not. Today we have prepared such 6 phrases that you should never tell your partner if you want to have a healthy relationship.

#1 Do what you want

All couples fight. However, some are able to recover from the fight much more quickly than others. The important thing is to know how to answer. For example, instead of telling your partner to do what they want, you may recommend to talk about the things you are doing wrong and how to deal with them. And the important thing is to discuss them. And speaking of talking…

#2 I do not want to talk to you

There are situations when you do not feel like talking to anyone. You could be tired, or just not in the right mood, or you could be just thinking about something else. If your partner, however, does not know that and still want to talks to you about something, do not tell them to buzz off because you do not want to talk to them. Just tell them you are going to discuss this matter later. This way they will not be mad at you and you will be able to preserve your relationship.

#3 You are never doing anything round the house

Women get easily mad at their partners when they (their partners) leave them deal with all the choirs. If you want to make your partner help you and not be annoyed with the way you talk to them, just tell them you cannot manage all the housework if they do not help you. This way you will also make them feel needed even if it is about choirs.

#4 You did that on purpose to hurt me

We know that people make mistakes and involuntarily they hurt other people. If your partner hurts you in some way, it is better to try to understand their point of view first and not starting yelling at them, for example, that they have done this thing on purpose in order to hurt you. Maybe it was just an accident and your partner did not try to hurt you.

#5 If you do not go on diet, you will never lose weight

The issue with the extra pound one’s partner have has always been a tricky one, especially for men. Women can moan and complain about the extra pound they have, but their partners are never allowed to agree with them.

In fact, one of the quite harmful phrases in a relationship is the one which discusses the outer appearance not in a good way. So, forget about blaming your partner for not doing enough exercises. Just be with them and believe in them. This will help much more than any accusations of not doing anything to change the situation.

#6 I told you this would happen

Blaming never helps and it would not help either if you are blaming your partner for not listening to you. They will understand the mistake they did, but they will surely hate if somebody nags at them. Instead, tell your partner that the next time you will try something different and you will know not to repeat this mistake. You can be sure that this will help your relationship much more than any nagging.

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