6 Kinds of Foods You Should Stop Having after College
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6 Kinds of Foods You Should Stop Having after College


There are a lot of people who think of their college years as the best ones in their lives. This is usually because people are young and they have a lot of dreams and expectations about the future ahead and they surely like to party a lot. However, once these careless years come to an end, college students should grow up and leave some of their college habits behind.

College students often eat fast food because they do not cook and hamburgers and sandwiches are quite delicious to them, but since all bad habits should remain in the past, this means that eating of junk food is one of them. So, today we have prepared for you some kinds of food you definitely should stop eating after college, for your own good.

#1 Energy drinks

We all know that there are a lot of hard subjects in college and studying for exams takes a lot of time and efforts. That is why a lot of college students drink energy drinks to have power to study and remember the information.

However, once college is over it is time to forget about this bad habit. Energy drinks only stress out one’s body and they are not healthy and good for one’s heart and blood pressure.

When you begin working, you should definitely give up drinking energy drinks. And this means that no matter how much you are working, you should still not allow your work to ruin your health.

#2 Soft drinks

There are a lot of children and teenagers who like drinking soft drinks, especially carbonated ones. However, they do not realize that these kinds of drinks are not good for their health. They are full of sugar and bloat one’s stomach which leads to feeling uncomfortable.

People who graduate college should be already wise enough to know that this kind of drinks are bad for them. So, if you like them, why do not you substitute them with some freshly squeezed juices which are much healthier.

#3 Ready-to-cook food

We all know that college students do not cook in general. They either grab some hamburger, or buy some ready-to-cook food and put it in the microwave. This, however, is certainly not the best kind of food. It is expensive, it is not that delicious, and it helps you put on weight easily.

Besides, they do not contain the amount of vitamins and minerals real food does. So, it is much better to have some soup, a salad, and even to eat out, than to buy such kind of food.

#4 Microwave popcorns

You may have heard that popcorns are healthy, but this certainly does not include microwave popcorns. Microwave popcorns are not only caloric because they contain butter, they are not healthy because they contain ingredients, like trans-fat, which are bad for one’s body. So, if you want to have some kind of snack when you go to the cinema, it is best to have some nuts instead. They are definitely healthier.

#5 Frozen vegetables

If you have never used frozen vegetables, then you should give yourself a pat on the back. If not, then it is about time to forget about them and scratch them from your menu. College students often use them if they want to cook something on the spot.

However, one should know that as much as the low temperatures protect the vegetables from rotting, they do not help keep all the vitamins and minerals in them. Which means that fresh vegetables are much healthier than frozen ones. So, it is time to learn how to cook them.

#6 Frapes

Do you remember drinking a lot of frapes in your college years? They may be delicious and sweet, but they are certainly not healthy. They consist of small amount of coffee and a big amount of sugar which makes them caloric as well. It is better to drink your coffee black, or with only small amount of sugar, or milk.

And there is another thing you should have in mind when it comes to drinking coffee – it is better to prepare it yourself. This way you will know what exactly you add in it and this will also save you some money.

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